Wonderful Park

The campground itself is very well taken care of. Spotless bathroom/shower, attentive campground hosts and plenty of amenities.

The basic campsites are right by the water too, just walk down a short path and boom! Numerous beautiful paths with nice variation in lengths and gorgeous views.

Wllderness is available but I personally have not explored it yet. The VC was able to point us to some suitable clear water for wading and a deeper point (10ft some said) called the Blue Hole.

The Onondaga Cave is a bit pricey to see but it's well worth it, one of the larger caves you can do a walking tour with well maintained and careful paths, lighting etc. Takes about 1.5hrs, our guide was very knowledgeable and humorous.

We where able to do the walk with our whole family with NO melt downs from the kids, which is kind of special. We toured with a 4month old in a baby harness, two 6 year olds and a 9 year old. We did see a couple with a stroller and it is doable.

Overall a great park and beautiful spot to visit.