Julia A.
Atlantic Beach, FL
Joined July 2019

So beautiful. I've played in this park since the 1970s and not much has changed. It's expansive and the trails are gorgeous. The beaches are pristine and the campgrounds are great if you are okay with not being fully hooked up.

nice little hidden gem

There's not much to this little park, but that's what is nice about it. It's a natural slice of Florida tucked in an industrial area of Jax.


Desolate and unprotected. Some of the roughest camping I've done. It feels like an alien world.

The Jewel of Jax

The first thing you should be aware of upon entry of this campground is that you may have to deal with some of the slowest park "rangers" you'll ever encounter. Once you've navigated this obstacle (and my sympathy for having had to deal with this, I know your pain all too well) you're in for a treat if you love trees and beaches and dunes, oh my. I've been camping here in tents, and now my own little RV, for the past 20 years, and I've still not explored every inch of the park. 

My favorite part actually has nothing to do with the park, (The Poles surf spot located in Hanna is the best in North Florida) it's just an added bonus that the campground is here. And it's the best campground in which I've ever stayed. With full hookups and a multitude of sites to choose from, from totally private to right up in it with everyone. I love them all for their own reasons, and I've stayed in most!

The park is huge, with the best hiking trails in Florida IMO, a water park for the kids that adults not-so-sneakily enjoy themselves, shelters everywhere you need them, and ample parking throughout. Bring your bikes, my son learned to ride his here in the campground. The trails are excellent and range from beginner to advanced/expert. There's truly something for everyone here. If you don't love this park, you're doing it wrong.