Josh H.


Dundee, OR

Joined May 2020

It’s Fine... just fine.

Camping spots are sizable, poorly maintained, but sizable. Ours had a giant tire rut in front of it, which was just a huge mud pit the entire time we were there. Side from that, it was quiet, the staff was helpful and polite and even though the amenities were closed due to Covid they seemed well taken care of.

It is a bit difficult to navigate for longer rigs, but for the most part it’s an ok park for a short stay.


I will start with, maybe if weather was nicer my review would be different but who are we kidding, it’s the Oregon coast….

I read through each one of these existing reviews prior to going and now that we have visited I can only conclude that they were paid for. This place is filthy, there are maybe 2 spots (that aren’t full time residence) that have full hookups so if you show up late you definitely won’t be getting one. Every spot we saw was so un-level that my trailer couldn’t compensate enough to have a comfortable stay. On top of that, everything was under construction (which is ridiculous considering they had months during covid to really fix everything).

Bottom line, if you like being damp, dirty and camping in a very poorly maintained park then this is the place for you.

Note* the only reason it gets even one star is because it was absolutely beautiful and if it was maintained a little better it could be an amazing resort.

Don’t waste a good trip

Worst maintained RV park we have ever been to. Our spot was filled with dog poop from the full timer that was beside us. My dogs couldn’t even walk on the grass it was so dead or sharp crabgrass and filled with thistles. (How do you have brown grass on the Oregon coast, it literally never stops raining). The only reason this park gets one let alone 2 stars is the staff was very nice, and helpful.

Do not waste your time with this place, go down the street to any of the other spots.

Rad top end camp ground!

This place is loaded with just about everything you need from putt putt golf to a fully stocked pond (barbless un-baited hooks only, catch & release). We loved the giant dog park, huge sites, and the staff were absolutely amazing. They not only brought the bundles of wood to your site for you but they also come and collect your trash from your site.

We will definitely be going back. The only problem I have with this place (and it can also be considered a good thing when dealing with bad dog owners that don’t pick up after their pets) is that they have signs everywhere saying to keep the dogs off the grass and are pretty rigid about enforcing it.

Amazing RV park!

Extremely nice staff, well kept and spacious sites. Stunning views from most sites (C and B groups are the best views). D is best for shade and A is down on the water.

Don’t bring your bike unless you’re in C group, it’s the only flat paved road. The rest of them are gravel or damn near vertical 😂

Fishing looks like it would be amazing but we visited during the Covid lockdown. (They weren’t issuing tribal fishing licenses.

Amazing! Family / pet friendly

Amazing RV Park, well maintained roads, lots, and landscaping. Both fellow campers and staff were extremely welcoming. There was also plenty to do around the campsite between fishing, the small kids park and the park provided activity’s (corn hole, etc.). The only reason I say 4 stars is the sites are a little small. Very little space between other campers.