Joseph T.
Portland, OR
Joined July 2018
Lifelong explorer wanting to experience as much life as I can pack in a lifetime and car camping across America is my passion.
Best Yurt Hot Tube Combo

On our way to Portland from SLC we decided to book a Yurt on AirBnb at Grande Hot Springs Resort. We arrived the evening of 14 April after a long day of driving from Burley. Checking in was a snap. The Yurt was clean and fresh with a private courtyard and soaking tub backing up to a pond looking up a hillside. Being early spring it was cold enough at night to keep the mosquitos at bay. From our Yurt we walked around the hot lake to the Historic Hot Lake Hotel. The glow of the setting sun against the hotel facade is best described as a scene from "The Shining." Creepy in a stepping back in time kind of way. I'm attracted to those old west neo-classical buildings that have survived and being revived. Back to the Yurt, the only downside was having to take a hike to use the toilet.

Desert Dirt Camping at Its Best

There is a certain charm about desert camping in January, daytime temperatures are comfortable and nighttime pleasant enough without being bitter cold. Having a hot pool of water nearby to soak in when temps drop into the twenties is nice resource. The pools are segregated into men and women areas and clothing is optional. If one is disturbed by well worn bodies of all sorts of shapes and sizes the hot spring resort down the road has private pools one can reserve for privacy. It is a community pool in an area known for odd folks.