Great access to water and hiking activites

This location is pretty great, especially since it's very close to Pittsburgh. You can go canoeing, hiking, swimming, and camping! There is even a nice snack bar during the summer! I only gave it 4/5 stars because it does not feel as remote as I like for when I  go camping to get away from the city!

Beautiful, remote, serene

This is a great place to camp for the sheer beauty and stillness. I would say it is not perfect because it is very remote and there are not as many easy/moderate hiking trails as I would hope. There are many very long hiking excursions, however, that seem to be really popular. Still a great place to spend a night or two!

Beautiful area, nice natural features, great hiking and biking

I'm a huge fan of this park. I came on October 1, and the leaves were just starting to change color. I think that, had I come in the middle of summer, I would not have been so happy with how close the other campsites are. If it was more crowded, I would have given it a lower rating. Everything else is great! There are beautiful hiking trails, a lake with swimming/boating/fishing, many small streams, a pretty waterfall, and gorgeous trees everywhere.