great views of the stars with lots of wildlife

we stayed one night here before moving across the canyon to the quiet north rim. 2 doe and 1 fawn walked into our campsite and literally laid down where we were going to set our tents. as the sites are small and very close together we had to wait till a ranger came by to shoo them off. also had a rabbit and a very brave chipmunk in camp. one dark fell, the views of the stars were AMAZING!

best camping inside the park

we stayed here 2 nights after spending 1 night on the south rim. camp sites are much bigger and way more shade here. not near as much traffic either. several overlooks along this side of the canyon and there are 2 really nice ones on the short nature trail that starts at the campground. there is also the trail to exclamation point and the top of Green mountain that begins at the ranger station just down the road if you are into hiking or trail running.

great remote campground

the road in and out is not for the faint of heart but if you get past the fear of falling off a steep cliff, it is actually quite beautiful. the campground was very quiet. only 3 other sites occupied when we visited in late June. beautiful cliffs surround one side and the river with amazing views of steamboat rock are on the other. only downside was that the canyons seemed to form some sort of wind tunnel right thru the campground, at least while we were there, with the wind whipping up to 20 mph gusts.

nice little campground

stayed here over the 3rd and 4th of July. big shady site, plenty of trees for hammocks and flat spots for tents. nice little river with trail running along the edge of the campground. also start of doctor park bike trail (23 mile loop) so lots of bike traffic. fun trail to hike or trail run as well. HUGE rocks to climb and work your way to the top of a mountain if you wanted, or just fun to boulder on. very quiet after dark. really enjoyed our stay.