Lots of open space, lots to do

Beautiful surroundings. No phone signal and wifi was a joke but that's not a bad thing!

Not a campground

Not a campground but an office. Very nice and helpful people!

The Perfect campground

Title says it all! Great location, the friendliest and most helpful staff, beautiful surroundings, lots to do, kid and pet friendly

Love castaways

A beautiful and very well maintained campground. Friendly people, good sized sites, plenty to do. Kid friendly!

Not a campground

Not a campground, but right next to one!

Close to everything!

Convenient location right on the bay! No shade though and right next to the highway so pretty noisey

Love this place!

It's just great! Nice and quiet, no hookups, but nice surroundings!

Very nice

Vent wait to go back, family had a great time!

Beautiful and peaceful

The title says it all. Far enough away from cities that it's nice and quiet


Clean and well kept, but it seems to attract a rougher crowd.

Lovely scenery

No hookups but wow the views! And if course the wild horses are amazing.

Fun to stay and hike

Title says it all. Great place to tent camp and go hiking. I took my girlfriend there and now she's my wife! Coincidence? Maybe, maybe not!

Great camping!

Connected to the park, a great way to visit! If you're an early to bed kinda person it'll be tough, the roller coasters are right there! I loved it though.


Closed, plus you couldn't can't here when it was open

Beautiful, but no camping

Come spend the day, you won't regret it! But there's no camping.

Not a campground

Can't camp here, but it's beautiful to spend the day in!

Not awesome, not terrible

I've stayed at much cleaner places, it's a bit run down, but it's quiet and is you keep to yourself you'll be fine. We RV camp so we didn't use the restrooms

Awesome campground

Family friendly, perfect location, very clean and well kept!

Cute place

I like it here. Cute place, far enough away from the city to be reasonably quiet, close enough to go get whatever you might need. Very friendly people. Sometimes gets crowded but still a great campground

Very peaceful

Lovely scenery, very peaceful and quiet. No hookups, obviously, but dry camping is great. Never too crowded, actually rarely very many camper at all.