Jodie K.
Bonifay , FL
Joined June 2019
Don’t bother

I am surprised that it got in this site. It has a small spring but not a pretty place. If I needed a place to park just to spend the night, maybe. I live in Bonifay and no……

Our Favorite place to camp❤️

Oh, what a wonderful place to camp!!🙂 A small campground ⛺️, and u need reservations, early, to see the Elk rutting in early October. It’s a long 13 miles into the valley down a very narrow, curvy gravel road, so I wouldn’t try w/o reservations! We spent 5 nights and watched them early am and afternoons every day. They will get up close-and personal. The rangers keep a watch out, tho, and try to warn u if they are coming too close. They are wild and rutting and will run over u!! There are historical homesteads, a school, churches and cemetery to take you back in time. Trails by creeks there to hike. Bears, turkeys, deer and the Elk😍 We were in campsite 11 close to the creek. Large and quiet for the most part. No electricity, no problem. A couple of water spigots centrally located and a dish washing station. Bath house was a little ways from us, but we could drive and park there. No showers or hot water. That’s fine. We had the Elk😂😂Loved it all!!!

Very nice !

We diverted to Alabama due to hurricane from east coast. DeSoto was a great choice for October. It is a very clean and well maintained park. We had plenty if options for hiking and waterfalls. Large campsite and clean bathhouse. Water/electric, too. Plenty of wildlife around.

Bad timing

We came into this campground during a very bad storm, actually hurricane. Our stay was cold, very windy and wet! It was a very nice place and campsite was fairly secluded. There was a steel box to secure food and wood. Not very big, but nice. No electricity. We left b/c of storm after first night.

not what I was expecting

I was very disappointed when we arrived for a 5 night stay to say the least. Very small, dirt campsite with a short section (6ft) of wood fence separating the next small dirt campsite. We had to go down a hill to the fire ring. There was no parking space at all. They put as many campsites as humanly possible there. There was a very new, nice bathhouse and a nice playground. It was a very loud place, too. If I was planning on staying in camp, this is not the place to relax.