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Cleanliness at its best

The best site on a national park yet!! Theres electricity hook up tho for those wanna be on a wild side away from city id suggest a 6 month reservation to havasupai falls.

An oasis!!

Coming from a state that has water around it, then moving to nevada really made me sad but not even 2 hrs away you will find this refreshing water of truckee river! I had my birthday here couple years ago. Float on the flowing water is amazing and yet memorable with my friends. On campsite area is a bit rocky. Sleeping pad, sleeping mats or if youre glamping, air bed is a must!! It becomes super chilly at night. Temp changes drastically and that was august. Id bring a pair of wool socks, thermals and sleeping bag will get you comfortable at nightfall, stars are super visible but trees are on its way. Vegetation is lush in here and you will get some unwinding feeling after seeing the desert part of nevada. Lots of shops close to the lake. Restaurants are amazing, parkings are hard but you dont have to fight for a spot. If suggest to reserve a spot even though its not really a popular area due to lake tahoe and tons of cabins around the area. An all wheel drive at least should be driving there bec the road could be closed due to some weather issues or bring chains with you just in case "chain up" sign is on. It gets warm during this time of the month and just perfect to dive in the water. Lots of crawfishes close to shore. Im sure yall will enjoy this place but always remember to respect our mother nature!

Star gazing? Fine spot here!

Make sure to stop and fill up the yellow tab and leave the top on your dash and pay respectively. Id suggest to buy an annual park pass and military gets the whole year for free!! See the visitor center for it and while ure at it if you have kids, every National Park has an activity book to earn hat badge and stickers as junior ranger. On this location day hikers no need to register. And for the group campers and with those outdoor enthusiast glamping there is a designated spot for yall and must register ahead! All other campers, pick your own rock and by far this is the spot that i will keep coming back! The sky was perfect, no moon and u can see some jupiters moon like IO with naked eye, this night i saw 4!! It was spectacular!! Take nothing but pictures leave nothing but footprints and bring nothing but memories!!

Stepped in to a different world!

This by far is my favorite one! Plenty of options and good with kids too. They all have the events close to the park entrance. Three Rivers is about 5 miles away, i was blown away with this lake by the foothills but it really feels like a lake on a mountaintop! Its not as clear as Lake Tahoe but theres camp grounds along the bay, for military personnel, we have learned that theres an army campground here. You can reserve your spot and camp and this closes by night time, check your mwr or for more info. I believe this is exclusive for active, reserve and retired. Be ready for an identification for the park rangers will check randomly. Also along the bay, watch for the tide. Some paved roads can be under water. That weekend there were trees under water and huts only roof left thats visible so be aware of you leave your belongings try to keep it on the higher ground or in the vehicles. We dont want to ruin this area because this is actually a dam. Anything debris could potentially be a hazard. Plus for the creatures thats living in the water. There were people that brought their boats and some were fishing. Plenty of hotels in the area but if dont come unplanned like what we did. We did not reserve a camp site since its first come first serve basis and it was a memorial day weekend.. holidays- plan ahead! 😂 but we still found a place to stay and the next day we explore the park and its was magical! 

Importantly due to the elevation, always bring chains with yall, there are some places there that rents or buy the chain but it could be really pricey.

Stepped in to a time space warp

Enchanted!! This is one of my favorite here in sequoia national park south entrance by gen hi way. Park rangers were so helpful at the entrance and they are well organized.