Jo R.

Los Angeles, CA

Joined August 2016

Meadow Group 001

We occupied Meadow Group campground 001 back in September and had a blast! -1 star for toilets being closed without notice (we received notice of no running water). #1 is the smaller group campground and located at the top. The downside to this is that people who reserved site #2 didn't pay attention, and had set up camp before we arrived. #2 is MUCH larger and suitable for groups up to 100 (like boy scouts, church groups, etc). In addition, the larger group had not informed their campers of the site setup, so we ended up on gate patrol and providing directions all night. It's definitely not very private; however, there is plenty of space to feel like you're really out in the great outdoors, as well as for parking, tents, and play.

Cottonwood Group camp G01

We stayed in group campground G01, which is the one closest to the road. It was spacious and offered 2 sheltered picnic areas and 2 fire pits, and was a short jaunt (crossing the next campground) to the restrooms (which had flush toilets!). It was a definite bonus to have running water as well! G01 is situated in a way that tents can be spread out and as communal or as secluded as you'd like (not counting the road). The campground is close to hiking and the Twin Palms Oasis loop is nearby as well! Be aware that this campground is NOT near the large rock formations in J.Tree but it is very convenient for large groups :)

Camping in the trees

This is a great campground with lots of OHV trails in the area. It's definitely recommended to have a vehicle with higher ground clearance since you're traversing some bumpy dirt trails to get there. The camp host is friendly and comes with a soccer-playing dog named Dutch. The pit toilets are relatively well-kept and definitely not a deterrent! We love that there are large trees everywhere to hang our hammocks up, keep cool when it's sunny, and enjoy nature.

The best pit toilets around!

But beware seagull city. We went in mid-August, which is the end of the hatching season for the gulls - the island truly belongs to them. There is NO shade on the island, and if it's windy like it was for us (30 knots), sand will get everywhere. However, the campground and island facilities are pretty well-maintained. Major kudos to our island facilities host - the benches, tables, and bear boxes are pressure washed regularly and there are spinning apparatuses to keep gulls off of table tops. Be sure to keep your items in the bear boxes and CLOSE them at all times to avoid sneaky mice getting in (or check it before closing each time)! Seriously though, going back to the toilets - they are incredibly impressive. Tiled floors, handcrafted wooden doors, vinyl wall covering, and a hand sanitizer dispenser.
The lighthouse is on the end of the island - you get used to the sound of the fog horn after a few hours, and most of the time you can tune out the seagulls as well. Overall it's a fun adventure to stay on Anacapa.