Jiwon K.
Denver, CO
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Free campsite near highway! But very rough terrain

free. rough terrain approach. incredible view. about 7 parking spots scraped out. nobody here. limited services in the area. no bathrooms, no tables, just nature. incredible canyon views of gorgeous geography 360º. good mountain biking trails and endless walking trails..

definitely going back here!

free. clean outhouse (impeccable). beautiful area just past a slightly creepy near-ghost town with lost of buildings in shambles. incredible view of the stars at night. be aware of flash flooding as this is a narrow canyon. check the weather. nice flat area. cool petroglyphs, caves, and lots of wildlife to watch. a place to be respected, truly beautiful.

What a hidden gem!

We found this free campsite through an app on our way to Big Bear from LA. We thought there weren't any spots open because it was already 10pm by the time we got there. Luckily we found an open spot! Each spot was so spacious and gave lots of room for privacy. But some of the spots are hard to get to. So you might want to bring 4X4. Otherwise, you might have to park on the streets and haul your stuff in.

Clean park!

I liked this park a lot because it was so clean. It was a bit hard to find it though. I had to cut through a golf course to get there and luckily no one said anything to me. And I only found out later that I wasn't supposed to do that haha. oh well. It was nice and big. Clean. But the shower was expensive, just like any other campsites in California. I liked how they had a designated spot for only bikers. It was nice to meet other bike travelers. We went out for pizza and had a really memorable night.


I love love love big sur! This is where I stayed during my bike trip from San Francisco to Los Angeles. Big Sur was definitely a challenge with all that hills but the scenery was so beautiful. Well worth it! It rained the night I stayed here. It came as a surprise because California was in a serious drought. And the one day the sky decided to open up was when I was staying in Big Sur. But it's okay. It was still fun and well worth it!

Perfect spot for bike travelers

I stopped here during my bike trip from San Francisco to San Diego. Veteran's Memorial Park is a very popular spot to camp out among bike travelers who make the SF to LA/SD journey. It was nice that they had a spot that was designated only for bike travelers. I got to meet a lot of other bike travelers. So that was cool! The bathroom and shower were nice and clean. The ranger walked around the park to collect the fee. But he didn't carry any change with him, so I had to ask around for smaller changes. The night time was chilly. The park was a little bit away from the downtown. I had to ask around to get there. It was quite hilly getting there too.

Stunning views

Only ten bucks per night. It was very close to the information center, so it was convenient for us to catch rangers to ask questions. All the basic amenities were available, like shower or potable water.

My friends and I went for horseback riding, and I had a lot of fun because it was my first time! Not much instructions on how to ride horses were given, but it was not that hard to ride the horses, so we were assuming that the horses were probably very well trained. There was a spot where they set up a couple different booths and sold jewelry and other things hand made by native indians. Pretty cool!

My hubby's fav!

We were on our way from Denver to LA and decided to stop here because Frisco was so so so beautiful! It reminded us of Switzerland. We camped here and enjoyed the quiet surroundings. The campsites are wide spread out, spacious, and huge. It's ideal for mountain biking and water leisures. We saw a lot of sailboats and paddle boards. The night sky was stellar! It was only five minutes drive away from walmart, whole foods, starbucks, natural grocers, and lots of gas stations.

Nice campground

The campground was nice but the showers were a bit far from the actual campsites we stayed the night at. But the toilets had a little sink to wash dishes, so that was nice. The location is a bit off from the actual canyon, but overall it was a nice stay!

Bryce Canyon itself was so gorgeous! I felt like I was in some foreign country with deserts! The walks along the trails were not too difficult at all. A very nice park!

My absolute favorite!

Of all the places I've been to in Utah, including the more well known places like Zion and Bryce, Red Canyon is my absolute favorite! The canyon is so gorgeous and more importantly, so empty! I liked it especially more because it felt like we had the canyon all to ourselves! So vast, gigantic, huge, and beautiful!

The campsite was nice and had coin operated shower system. The rangers were super friendly and helpful as well! The night sky was AMAZING! Because it was quite a distance away from the city or any other kind of light sources, the night time was pitch dark and the stars were spotless on the sky. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Awestruck views everywhere!

Zion is AWESOME! My friends and I hiked up the Angel's Landing. We were told that it's a very dangerous trail because it's so narrow and steep and high that we'd have to rely on the hand rail they installed toward the top. It was definitely scary (just a little) but not as bad as we were told. The hike was super steep was getting to the top was tiring, but once we got to the top, it was so worth it! Magnificent view!

The campsites were very well maintained and clean. But shower was a bit pricey. If I remember correctly $3 for 10 minutes. People from all over the world were at the campsites. Definitely worth checking out!

Right off I-70, GORGEOUS and SPACIOUS campsites

It's first come first serve. We called Fremont Indian State Park rangers to see if there were any open spots. They were very helpful and friendly. We stopped here on our way from Denver to LA, so it worked out perfect for us that it was located right off I-70, less than a mile off the freeway. But since it's right off the freeway, it's remote from everything like stores, gas stations, or restaurants.

The campsites were very clean and the toilets were well maintained as well. A lot of the sites were very close to the toilet. Each site was huge and had tons of shades. Also, each site is very far from one another, so you have plenty of privacy. Fifteen dollars for a site. A lot of the sites were for double RV occupancy.

There are lots of cool trails leading up to the castle rock perfect for a little hiking as well as water streams, all over the site. There's also the Fremont Indian State Park or Museum near the site to check out. Teepees were also available for thirty bucks for those who want some cool experience.