A close (and inexpensive) getaway.

Mohican is a great place for a quick get away. I love the fact that you can get away from people in such a popular park and still have the piece and relaxation you need to decompress!

My last excursion was a park and pack where you leave your car venture into the woods and find your site. It was across the river so people never came near. Three days swinging in a hammock. Completely relaxing with the river near by.

One of My Favorite Places...

This park is quiet, secluded and has plenty of trails to hike! The site I use exclusively has a river running behind it and the sounds lull you to sleep any time of day!

There is a general store that has just about anything you'd need in a pinch to get by. ABSOLUTELY LOVE this park.

A Little Disappointing...

There are places to hike, boats to rent, fishing, a store and of course swimming, but the lake was a mess and actually not able to be used (algae).

The site was nice and secluded, but you could hear road noise at all hours of the day, so it wasn't very quiet. It was my first time there, so maybe another spot would be netter, but I don't know if I'll go back.

Great Family Atmosphere

I have camped here on and off since I was about 16 years old. It is a clean park that has a game room, general store, snacks , and even pot lucks on occasion. There are even Sunday church services too. I know the owners personally and would recommend this place to anyone.