Jessica R.

Boulder, CO

Joined July 2018

Secluded and calming

Very nice camping spot, right next to a lake and it is small and secluded. Though next to a road it is still easy to sleep there and nice a secluded to cook and eat.

Spacious and great location

I enjoyed this campsite over Mesquite campground in Death valley, the sites were not as close together here and it is close to some bigger hikes as well as, it is still not far from the visitor center or other things you may need.

Hot and crowded

This campground everyone was close together and there was no shade at all. It was a nice large campground so you could explore all around it and it was very close to the visitor center as well as many hikes.

Great view of the dunes

This campground is really close to so many easy hikes as well as the sand dunes. It is a perfect campsite to go to when visiting the national park. The stars were beautiful at night time and overall had a wonderful experience at this campsite.

Small but really nice!

I really liked this campground, each site had a lot of room for tents and for your own set up. It was small and really close to the road but that was not bothersome at all. It is very close to the Chicago Lakes Trail which is a 8 mile roundtrip hike.

Good experience and decent location.

I thought this campsite was great overall, but the campsites were very close together and our neighbors were very loud until past quiet hours. There was a sink to wash dishes, and running water which was very helpful and the bathrooms were nice! The location in the park was decent considering how big Yellowstone is. You have to drive over an hour to get to Mammoth Hot Springs and at least 30 minutes to get to Old Faithful visitor center and main area.

Great Spot in the park

Great access to easy trails as well as a beautiful view at the marina. It is also close to the laundry and shower spot if that is needed. The visitor center is 5 minutes away too. This campsite is very centrally located and it made it easier to go to multiple trail options and did not take too long. Also has a beautiful spot for sunset!

Beautiful beach spot - EXTREMELY WINDY

Really beautiful beach spot and nice to swim in and relax, but come prepared with shade and a table to cook on. If you plan to come here I think an RV is the best choice because I came with a tent and we left for a few hours and came back and an RV ran over it, so we had to set up somewhere else. It is also really windy, so come prepared for that as well. My overall tent camping experience was not great, but the spot is beautiful. Do not think it is worth the $15 per night.

Great spot, but...

i was super excited when I arrived because it was really cute with tons of rocks to climb on and shade to hide in from the sun. We were there in July and no one was there, which was nice. But… at night time it was super windy and the sand was blowing everywhere. Just be prepared for wind and make sure you can cover your tent well and stake it down. Besides that, it is a great spot because it is cheap, $10 per night and it is only about 20 minutes from the Needles visitor center for Canyonlands National Park.

Walk in tent site - LOVE

I was pleasantly surprised when I arrived! We got a spot right next to the water and the bathroom! We were nervous about the site filling up but if you arrive between 12-3pm you should be fine. I went in July, during peak season and got a site at 1pm, but it does fill up later in the day. The site is about a 5 minute drive from the Arches National Park entrance and 5 minutes from downtown Moab. It is in the perfect spot and it provided shade by 5pm and it was just a perfect campground! Defintely worth the $15 per night!!