Jesse S.

Queen Creek , AZ

Joined June 2019

Go Play !

Can’t beat it short drive

Clean little sites well maintained close to water and alcohol can get a little packed but still not a bad spot

Great place to camp in AZ

I spent four days here it was amazing. There is all kinds of different birds all over the place the kids loved it. Lots of Animals but didn’t hear 1 coyote or see any Javalina. So mainly just cool little critters lizards skunks and such. We got a spot walking distance from the river. Awesome Fishing spots and day camp spots to spend time all day in the water. Then you can just walk back to camp and make dinner relax. Loved the stars at night and lush grass trees cactus it really is a beautiful spot. You can kayak fish hike off-road dirt bike atv. There is a marina with a store with beer and firewood and even a little restaurant about 20 min from camp pretty sweet. Five stars it was clean when we were there and we even seen rangers come by every morning and make sure there was no trash there is bathrooms and a dumpster on site !

Everyone should visit at least once

Absolutely beautiful a hikers paradise the deer walked right through our campsite in the evening Go!

Great place to camp hike fish relax

Great place easy access large campsites with a big fire pit grill already built in forest is 30ft away and your walking in the wilderness there are a lot of ATVs around on the weekends so it will be loud and lots of traffic is the only downside but on the weekdays it’s empty and wide open we hiked about two miles into the woods and got to follow a huge herd of ELK ! What a nice surprise for the kids I give five stars dogs kids and adults we all had a blast !


Zero cell service lots of hunters but very secluded only know of hunters by the shots every now and then lake knoll is beautiful lots of Fish !! Five stars but for experienced campers only bring 4wd and a spare tire lots of awesome 4x4 trails and hiking this is camping at its best

Great campground

Not far from Vegas lots of amenities the water in lake Mohave is way cleaner and clear bring your scuba gear kayak canoe boat can’t go upriver towards the dam on Sunday’s with a motor paddle only keep that in mind great fishing and spear fishing no limit on carp great for target practice invasive species and don’t hurt the channel catfish or Razorbacks I’ve seen big horn sheep around the camp and waters edge fish cleaning station small store boat rentals everything in one amazing spot go for it !! You won’t be disappointed but keep in mind it does get crowded get your spot early unless your launching a boat and find a spot on the river I recommend way better some old mining equipment upriver to see and hot springs

Was a good spot

I’ve used this area to camp since I was a kid I’m almost 30 now over the years it’s been a great local spot with few people around and you could usually find a nice secluded spot to get away from everything and fish let the kids play play some tunes and keep to yourself in the beauty of nature and the lake over the last few years this spot has become more popular and is now overcrowded with people cramming into every little section of beach leaving their trash diapers plastic bags anything you can think of especially broken glass its unfortunate I’ve had to evacuate our camp once because someone wouldn’t leave us alone and made us uncomfortable and we didn’t feel safe sleeping there at night with this weirdo bothering us we found a spot far away from everyone again with no one around and then another stranger decided to park right next to us and set up his camp deliberately next to ours so we left again we come out here to getaway from the Vegas weirdos but they have found their way out there as well Guns are allowed anywhere in lake mead so feel free to bring protection I recommend it NV and Lake Mead is 2A friendly checked with the rangers to confirm and they also agreed it would be wise to be armed while camping in this area there are Large packs of Coyotes as well that do not seem to fear humans as much and will lurk around your camp even in the daytime to be weary if you have kids I had to chase one off camp a few times and never let my kids wander off keep an eye on them also small dogs keep close the coyotes don’t like big dogs when I took my full grown Male German Shepherd we never seen one or even heard them get close but my dog is well trained and constantly patrols the camp and marks his territory definitely helped keep them away besides that if you get lucky you can find a sweet spot enjoy lots of fishing great views nice beaches swimming animals and everything else nature has to offer enjoy