Jesse E.
Milaca, MN
Joined March 2020
So much fun!

We came up here with a bunch of friends and all of our kids as a group. We had three campers and a tent and they accommodated us with no issues.

This is a relaxed and mellow place and I'm sure the seasonal campers appreciate visitors being the same. It certainly felt like a family, while we checked in we were offered a piece of cake because someone there had a birthday and why wouldn't you have cake?? Awesome!

The site we shared was clean and very well maintained. The lake is privately owned so the wonderful fishing is only open to guests and there is very good fishing there.

We showed up with a ton of kids from ages 1 to 15 and they played, and swam and rented boats and hung out in the gift shop and I'm sure they pestered the wonderful people and they took it like champs. They were amazing hosts in every sense of the word.

The showers and bathrooms weren't the most modern but they were very well maintained and very clean and so much better than others I've used.

There is also a dump station as you exit so we didn't have to make another stop when we left. This is such a big perk!

We will be coming back here.

So good we're making it a tradition

My wife and a number of her friends have raved about this place so we booked a site for a week over the 4th of July.

First off, every member of the staff we worked with from reservations to the store were wonderful. They were helpful, courteous and polite but you could tell that they were no nonsense. Personally I appreciate that. It signaled to me that we were dealing with professionals and gave me confidence in the campground.

We got there and I knew we were in for a treat. There is a causeway that leads from mainland to the island and it's such a fun and unique way to get to camp. Check in was smooth and went off without a hitch. The facilities were so very clean and well maintained. There was even easy access to a potable water station to fill out camper.

They were very clear from the get go that campers over a certain size weren't allowed and while ours isn't huge, maybe 30 foot hitch to bumper, I could see why they were so up front. We fit into our site and were able to get around when we needed to but it was certainly snug at times and some sites would be tough for a rookie to back into I think. If you're tenting it you've got no issues.

The facilities were amazing! That isn't hyperbole, they were so very clean and modern that we used them instead of our own camper most of the time. The bathhouse is easily the best I've seen at a campground, there are pit toilets scattered about for convenience and we would see staff stop by a few times a day to clean and stock up.

The beach area is great and nice sand. There are tables with umbrellas and volleyball slides in the water.

They offer various things to rent. We didn't use any of them but I remember the rates were very reasonable and what I could see things looked very well maintained.

The two things that stick out in my mind are the lack of bugs and how reasonably priced firewood was. I don't know if they actively control bugs or if it's just a natural byproduct of their unique location but in the week we were there we never applied bug spray.

We loved our one week there so much that we've asked to be put onto a permanent renewal because we will be going back over and over.