Lean-to camping

We stayed at one of their lean-to sites a few years ago with 3 other friends and had a good time. Very convenient to have the elevated space to sleep and store items in. The sites were not very secluded from each other, but there were not a lot of other campers when we went so it wasn’t a problem for us. They have bathrooms and showers close by that (if I remember correctly/things haven’t changed too much in the past couple of years) were in relatively decent shape compared to others I’ve been in at campgrounds. They also had plenty of firewood to purchase at the check-in. You can start hiking the trails around the lake right from campsite. We were slightly disappointed that the lake was not suitable for swimming (as was posted), but it wasn’t a big deal. I can imagine that it would still be a good place to go for kayaking and canoeing as well. Have fun!

Good primitive sites

We stayed at one of the hike-in sites and had a good time. Be prepared for a trek, as the site was a couple miles in. The trail was nice and paved though, suitable for bicycling in. Be prepared for sun exposure, with sunblock and lots of water recommended as you will be hiking under open sky in the Florida heat. You will also need to bring firewood in with you. No bathrooms where we were, so have some camping toilet paper and a shovel for human waste disposal. They have water stations, but do not count on these being full at all times. Bring water with you. Don’t risk it! Have fun!

Good tent camping

Nice spot for drive-in tent camping. Our site (most sites seemed relatively similar) had a fire ring with an adjustable grill-grate, a picnic table, room for 2-3 tents, enough parking for 2 cars, and a water spigot nearby. We even had an armadillo stroll by on his way through the woods, but he kept his distance. The sites have a little separation with shrubbery and trees scattered between neighbors, overall not too bad as I despise open field camping. The other two campground areas at this park were much more open lawn type layouts and seemed geared more towards RV and campers. There are plenty of drop-off points for trash. There is a bathroom, but don’t expect them to be clean. The men’s room had no paper towels. The toilet and shower stalls were dirty. But hey, this is camping! We didn’t get around to asking about firewood on-site, and the closest place we found in the area was Lowe’s which was about 20min away, so planning ahead and getting some on your way to the campground is your best bet. There was a place to launch kayaks/canoes on the river right by the sites, and it seemed like there was hiking along the river right there, but I don’t know how far along it went, and as always I would be careful to watch out for gators. Hiking trails can be found within a 5 minute drive (definitely ask the rangers at the entrance for hiking trail maps), and a paved bike trail is right at the entrance to the campground. If you go towards the end of spring, I would recommend that you bring sunscreen, bug spray, and lots of water with you. We also encountered a swarm of mildly annoying love bugs one afternoon at the site, but that can’t be helped this time of season. I believe Silver Lake is right inside the entrance but we were busy enough with our other activities that we didn’t really check it out. We will next time though! Just a heads up, they lock the park gates at 8pm and the rangers leave, so make sure to ask about that ahead of time if you think you will need to leave or return after 8pm.