Jenny K.
Orlando, FL
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Beautiful and peaceful

This is a very peaceful location. The waters are crystal clear. When you go bring a sifter to search for sharks teeth in the streams.


SO where to start.. This camp ground is very expensive to stay. For a pop up tent campsite it's going to put you back about $200.. That does NOT include passes to Disney. You DO however have access to the other resorts. The campground itself is very nice.


I stayed at the KOA for a spring break. It was very quaint. There is a fishing dock near where we stayed. Lots of catfish.

Moss Park Florida
  • Moss Park in Orlando Florida is a great camp ground for first timers. It has all Amenities. Bathroom, showers, large wash sink. Its also perfect for RV campers.
  • There is a Publix conveniently located down the road for "Oops I forgot" items.
  • Park beside your campsite for easy unload.
  • A fishing pond with a dock. (Granted there is really no fish in it but it's nice to pass the time making the attempt)
  • DO NOT SWIM IN THE LAKE! It is infested with Gators! There are warning signs posted everywhere. DO NOT BE THAT PERSON!.
  • Hiking trails
  • LOTS of Sand hill Cranes and a family of Deer that frequent each campsite. (Obviously fed by rule breakers, they have no fear of people)
  • SANDHILLS ARE THIEVES!! BEWARE!! (Video posted of after I thwarted them from eating our food)
  • I do not recommend going in the spring or summer. It was dreadfully hot.
  • There is Power and water located at each site.
  • My only real issue was the biblical swarm of flying roaches at sundown. In the morning SHAKE your stuff for hitchhikers.
  • First time camper tip: When you arrive to the camp ask for tent set up help. They will gladly assist.