so cute

great spot. lots of spots but unfortunately pretty close to each other.

super busy

it’s as close to nature as you can get without actually being in nature

so much!

this has a 12 mile loop for backpackers to camp on (although be sure to register for it) and tent camping! it has a really cool look out tower. definitely recommend

a comfy place to recoop at

these sites are decent sized- we fit 2person and a 1 person. there are facilities to fill water and use the bathroom near the campsites and we thoroughly enjoyed our site. such a beautiful place with a great view. trails are amazing

child friendly

such a beautiful place. trails are amazing. although the sound of screaming children that pervades the campsite kind of ruins the experience.


depending on what you would like this campground has a little bit of everything. There are camp sites that are walk to for some more distance from others, a lot of close drive to spots, RV, and a lot of close boat camping sites. the park itself has a lot of trails to explore and a few lakes to fish at. it is also a local spot to tube.