Jennifer O.
Detroit, MI
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Unexpected adventures in metro area

We drove down to visit Cuyahoga from Michigan, and to be honest weren't expecting much. While the park does lack in some amenities for campers, it really is an unexpected bit of rocky wilderness. True, it's rare to feel very removed here, as most parts of the park are near to roadways and traffic sounds float through the trees, but the park itself is lovely. We especially enjoyed the ledges loop as it winds its way above and through some very unique rock formations.

The ledges loop is not difficult, with very little elevation change, just look out for tree roots! We also explored the falls and some other trails.

Overall i was very impressed with the park and will definitely be back!

RVs and Boats

Definitely not really a "campground" so much as RV park, but the facilities are very nice. I've stayed here with friends on their boats and it was great to have easy access to all of the shops and restaurants in Algonac.

Great views of the river and the ferries and boats passing by. Very easy access to Harson's Island via the ferry - you'll find great restaurants, water sports, and biking on the island, as well as some historical schools and churches. You can bike to either point, 12 or 19 miles each.

Absolutely beautiful trail

Hiked north about 5 miles out of Croton, starting from the campground. The hike is easy, with a few very short steep elevation changes. The trail oscilates between being very "green tunnel" and wide expansive views of pines and older trees without much ground cover. The trail is extremely well marked as part of the North Country Trail, and so its very easy to follow. Crosses a few paved roads in this stretch but since its so far out of the main town of Newaygo its no trouble to cross.

Overall a fabulous morning hike!

Fabulous marshland hike with great birdwatching

We went early in the season when the snow was melting heavily, so a few areas were rather swampy, but overall this hike was gorgeous. There are 7+ miles of trails in this little gem, with boardwalks over waterways, with all manner of water fowl all over. Theres a great enclosed area out on the boardwalk for picnics and bird watching.

Overall, love this little hidden gem

Absolutely gorgeous, if a little overused

This hike is stunning. Literally every time it's breathtaking. The trail alternates between young forest, older growth valleys with cascading rivers, beach, and stunning vistas from the cliffs.

Looking up and down the undulating shoreline is unreal, and every time you come out to the cliffside the view is changed and has its own unique features.

I've only done the 12 mile Mosquito Falls to Chapel Rock loop, but this summer I'll be returning to backpack the length of the lakeshore.

The falls are aptly named, so definitely be sure to bring bug spray (though the bugs weren't miserable in May so don't be scared off!)

I'd also suggest a poncho or similar, the weather on the lake can change quickly from bright sun to rumbling clouds.

The sites themselves suffer from abuse by rude hikers, waste isn't always taken care of properly, nor is used TP and trash. (This might not be systematic of everything, just the sites we saw that weekend.)

Great park

Very well maintained park with fabulous hiking trails along the lake and through the forest. We did the dunes loop and loved the variety of changing terrain. We were able to explore the forest, the interdunal area, as well as the beach where some fascinating metal pieces had washed ashore.

Be careful, we were there in May and there were TONS of ticks. Check frequently and bring a brush for easy removal.

Picturesque and peaceful

Upon arrival we thought this might be a cramped campground, but that was not the case. Despite being in a spot right at the intersection of the only two roads through the site, we found this to be a relaxed and tranquil site. The name suggests otherwise, but the amount of RVs, at least the weekend we were there, was far lower than the amount of tent campers (a rarity for those of us who prefer to actually camp). Ever site has stunning views of the water, though the low ground level did allow some minor flooding on our site after a squall ripped through. On that note, make sure your tent is staked VERY firmly, we lost one of our tents to a storm that rolled through off of Superior while we were out hiking!

The staff is very friendly and accommodating, the bathrooms were clean, and the site and beach were pristine. The beach is a HUGE draw for this site, running just off the main road and close to town we were shocked at how remote and untouched it felt. We had stunning sunset views every night, even when a creepy mist rolled through the site (see pictures).

There is super easy access to Marquette's dining and hiking - we were able to get out and hike Hogsback. Even easier access to hiking in Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore, which was the point of our trip.

I can also highly recommend not only the Pictured Rocks boat tours, but the shipwreck tours. Because of the cold water most wrecks are very well preserved.

All in all this campsite has tons to offer, not only in the site itself but in location. (One lost star simply because our fire pit was flooded out so easily)

Clean but crowded

This site was very nicely kept but felt a little like a sardine can. SO many RVs and children EVERYWHERE kind of ruined the relaxed calm one looks for when camping.

The site was nice, a little rocky so hard to pitch a tent, and theres a severe hill from the back part of the loop towards the lake - at one point I was worried an improperly locked down camper would roll straight through our tents!

Views of the water from almost everywhere on the north end of the loop, and the bathrooms are BEAUTIFUL. They must have been recently renovated because they are spacious, tiled, well maintained, and very modern feeling for a campground.

Excellent site for group trips

We booked three neighboring sites on the interior of the loop for some group tent camping. The sites were generous, clean, grassy, with moderate tree cover. Theres an awesome grass avenue that runs down the middle of the sites in the inner loop, marked off so there are no tents in the area, but it gives you great removal from the campers behind you, and allows for all manner of games (KanJam, cornhole, ladders, etc).

The bathrooms are kept beautifully, there are great pavilions to gather under when it rains (which it did for an entire day of our trip), and the beach is stunning (small, but stunning).

Cute, family owned, about average

Cute little camp store, and definitely well removed. The site is situated in a little valley between the dunes and the hills of town. The sites are surprisingly large, but the rules are insanely strict - this is definitely a site catering to RV campers not tent campers. We were admonished for having 3 medium tents on a site that easily could have facilitated 5, while nearby RVs had their unit, a screened gazebo, a regular tent, a shade tent, multiple cars, and jetskis on their sites. Most of the RVs here seem to set up camp for weeks at a time, meaning there is a LOT of ambient light from their laser shows, footpath solar lights, fairly lights, etc.

Other reviews I read online warned the bathrooms were bad - if you get the north loop the bathroom is passable. Cinderblock walls, and ineffective fans make for a pretty swampy experience, but it IS a camp bathroom. The main bathhouse really is disgusting, even by camp standards. It is the one the day trippers can use when they come to the beach, and it shows the wear. Many of the stalls don't have doors, several toilets were totally clogged, and there are June bugs and mosquitos swarming the place.

The beach is great, removed and uncrowded even with the day trippers, the access to Lake Michigan was definitely appreciated in July!

We did pass by the hike-in rustic sites and they looked great. Situated at the top of one of the dune hills, very forested and removed from the nonsense RV campers bring, I'd be willing to come back and try these sites.

Huge, clean, and great fun!

We stayed in one of the group sites and it was beautiful. Less tree cover than we would have liked, you're basically in a giant grassy field, but it was perfect for a large group. we did have to share a pavilion with a group of older campers (celebrating a 90th birthday. Our group was there to celebrate my 30th) but it turned out perfectly as they did early dinners and went to bed in their campers.

The beach is nice, a little small, but clean and fun (would be nice if your pets were allowed to swim also).

The only real negative I have is that for each group site there is a single fire pit. This made cooking, sitting around the fire, and many other things quite difficult. There IS a large charcoal grill that can be used, but if you're doing separate meals, it will be hard to coordinate.

Peaceful and idyllic

This is one of the absolute best campsites in Michigan, in my opinion. With great access to dunes and Lake Michigan, stunning sunsets are just part of the charm. The restrooms are well kept and large enough that I didn't have to wait at any point, and there is ready access to some of Michigan's cutest towns with lots to do whether you want secluded hiking trails or to taste a flight at a local brewery.

I will say the sites on the inner circle of the loops can be a little crowded, they'd be perfect if you have a larger group looking to have a group campsite feel. If you want some space without children running through your camp, get sites on the outer ring. The sites on the "corners" of the loop are enormous!

Beautifully kept if not totally 'removed'

Great campground with access to the beautiful St. Clair River as it runs between Lake Huron and Lake St. Clair.

When booking I suggest looking at the site map and choosing a site well off the road, its a busy throughway and the noise can be distracting, especially in summer months.

Great trails throughout the park!