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Nice hikes

We went in the chillier months so the park definitely was not at its most scenic as it probably usually is. The hikes throughout the woods were quite nice and eventually loop around at least the one we were on did). They have a ginormous and steep boat landing with a large parking lot. The water looked pretty nice, although is was quite low at the time. The best part about the trip was the eagles. We must have been there at just the right time, because lined all through the trees along the lakes edge were eagles upon eagles. I'd say we saw about 70 bald eagles perched in the tress. It was really a beautiful sight. Aside from the park, it's pretty close to pella, which is a nice historic Dutch town. Good food and bars there to check out! Would visit again, but when it's warmer!

Nice area overall

The campground is a nice area. Campsites are not very secluded. They have some nice hiking trails through the woods and along the river. I was hoping the trails would be longer but they are still nice. Dogs are welcome, but they must be on a leash. If I remember correctly they had a nice outdoor bird viewing building. They also have some nice picnic areas through out the park as well.

Lots of things to do here!

Unfortunately this park doesn't allow you to camp, however, they have large shelters for celebrations and parties right on the lake. There is a ton of fun things to do here! You can rent paddle boards, boats, kayaks etc and paddle out on saylorville lake (which is huge by the way). The water is nice and clean, plus they have a nice swimming area. They also have a full 18 hole disc golf course with some challenging wooded holes. Aside from that great place to fish, hike, and bike the trails!!

Beautiful place

The campground is very nice and well kept. The best part is taking a hike to gooseberry falls. They have great hiking trails as well and biking trails. Plus it's close to down town Duluth. The campsites are nicely wooded with decent privacy between each site!

Great camping and hiking

This state park has pretty secluded campsites. The bathroomd and showers are very clean and nice. They have a little park for kids as well. The hiking was my favorite park. They had great trails through the woods as well as down to the river with a pretty waterfall. The trails were a decent length and pretty! Dogs are welcome on a leash. The only bummer (like several other state parks) is no hammocks allowed due to destruction of tree bark. Other than that it was a nice park!


My family and I rented on eof the cabins here. They were nice cabins just off the bank of the river! The cabin comfortably fit 4 of us. It had a nice stone fireplace a decent living room, small kitchen, and bathroom. Nice hiking trails right outside the cabin, along the river. Just down the road is a large lake with more hiking as well. Nice place overall!

Fun hikes

I did not camp here how ever I drove and took a day hike. The hiking trails are cool. I would say it was a challenging hike. A lot of up and down terrain, stone steps, etc. The ledges along the river were beautiful and depending on the river height you can walk right along them! It's also fun for kids to take a dip in. They have a fun 'eagles view' point that overlooks the ledges. Nice picnic areas are also available. I would be careful hiking in the winter for obvious reason, especially because of the steep edges, etc.

Nice family campground

This is a very nice campground with a variety of sites. They have several on the rivers edge which are by far the best! The campground rents out tubes as well as provides a shuttle to the starting point and you float down to the campground. They are sticklers on the quiet time after 10 or 11pm. My friends and I have been given warnings about being quiet, so it's definitely more of a family campground. The campground is minutes away from down town lanesboro, which a cute little town with some shops, restaurants, and bars. They also have a bunch of bike paths as well!

I love this place!

This is one of my favorite places to go! They have a beautiful lake and a beach. The water has minimal seaweed and great temperature! They have rentals for paddle boards, kayaks, canoes, etc, for a decent price! The hiking trails are really nice. If your up for it there is a hike that loops are the entire lake making it about 6-7 miles long. It's a pretty easy hike, but definitely long. Dogs are welcome on a leash (but not on the beach). The campsites are no as secluded as I would like but the overall state park is awesome!


Such a beautiful park! Great views of the river along with both long and short hiking trails. The swinging bridge was really pretty as well. We ended up going on a 4 mile hike here it was a pretty easy hike, mostly through the woods along with a few openings with river views! Dogs are welcome on a leash! They have a nice gift shop and information building!

Great view

Nice Campsites mostly secluded in the woods. Campsites are not to close to eachother giving you the privacy you want. Great views by the ski lift of Duluth! They also have a spot where they have mini golf, mountain luge, and mountain biking. Nice bathrooms and laid back environment!

Great park!

I've been here several times! It's a HUGE park and so many hiking trails! They have a fun kids exploration area along with a viewing area with elk and Buffalo. Nearby there's a brand new mini golf course along with a full golf course. Definitely worth a stop!