Jennifer L.
Airmont, NY
Joined September 2018
RV campground w some tent spots

This is an RV campground w a handful of tent spots. We stayed at T4, a site w electric right on the lake. I was initially very excited to be so close to the lake but my enthusiasm waned a little after a swim- the lake bottom was murky sticky mud which is fine it’s just not my favorite. My fiancé went swimming and got a leech or leech-like thing on his foot so swimming for him was pretty much over. Being at the lake meant a lot of noise from others including the campers that use the facility, I mean like actual camp, like groups of kids and counselors. I don’t mind kids but others might. It was the usual kid squealing and stuff. When we arrived a counselor was using our site and picnic table, spilling cheese-it’s all over the place which made us popular with the many many seagulls. She left when she saw us pulling in but left the mess behind so the birds were an issue. They continued to be an issue the whole 3 days we were there- every day we’d come back to our tent to find our stuff scattered a bit- not a huge problem but a present nuisance nonetheless. We tried to keep our things contained but still they tried to carry some stuff away. On the lake shore was a lot of seagull feathers and goose presence, poop, it’s not my favorite way to swim. The bathrooms were ok, pretty basic, very much reminiscent of when you get sent to camp as a child, bare bones. The stalls in the bathroom are uncomfortably short so when you stand up your head is poking out over the door, you can make eye contact w everyone else in the room which is just weird! We went two days without paper towels being restocked to dry your hands, I finally had to call the office. (Everyone in the office was super awesomely nice, always!) Sunday morning there is a group that makes breakfast in the pavilion I guess for donations which they use to beautify the campground. This is a lovely gesture. However the pavilion is right next to the tent sites and the group started setting up about 6:30 AM, which included honking their car horn, and talking very loudly with complete disregard for quiet hours or the full row of tent sleepers. My fiancé finally approached them and told them they must be unaware of how much their voices are carrying but that everyone was still sleeping. They didn’t apologize or say anything and honestly I don’t think they cared or lowered their voices at all. Our site was comfortable, water and electric worked fine, clean fire ring, we didn’t use it. The group next to us talked late past quiet hours (I didn’t not approach the campground about it we just dealt w it), and used a drone which was extremely uncomfortable, loud, and disruptive. I did call the office about that the next day and asked if there was a drone policy, she said there was not but that she would address it if they used it again, they ended up leaving so it wasn’t a problem but there should definitely be a policy about it. All in all, people were nice but the lake location meant a LOT of additional noise from other users and there did not seem to be any reminders about quiet time. Don’t come here if you’re looking for solitude but do come here if you’re looking for a great location in northern Vermont close to a cute town and amenities. Just set your mindset that it’s not a secluded or quiet spot but a spot w stuff to do and lots of people to interact w. We did not use the boat rentals or tennis courts or other stuff.

Luxury Resort Glamping

We are tenters, this place caters extremely heavily to RVs. There are something like 750 sites, it’s a mini city! Extremely EXTREMELY well run, very clean and you will be spoiled rotten by glamping here. As such the prices are higher than other places. Initially we were given tent site 83, this was AWFUL, do everything you can to avoid this and similar numbers, it is directly across from the bathroom and they leave the very bright lights on all night. We ended up having to take some extra pup tent sides and create some shielding from the lights so we could sleep. It was so bad we couldn’t enjoy our fire, it was soooo bright!
We This location is also directly across from the dumpster and the sites are very cramped at times, we were practically on top of our fellow camper. She was lovely and we made it work we ended up needing to complain to the office due to drunk loud idiots at the site next to us the other was- the owner absolutely cared, he offered us a new site and even sent workers to help us move camp. He genuinely cared that we have a good experience and that’s why I’m giving five stars even though the first site sucked. There are heated adult only pools, several hot tubs, a store, cafe, and live entertainment. There’s playgrounds and fishing and kayaks. This is about as far from “nature” as you can get but it worked for us because I had to work all weekend so I wanted the extra luxuries. Showers and bathrooms extremely clean, water very hot, and dish washing stations behind the bathroom which strangely have no signs to let you know they’re there. This is a great place to being someone who isn’t so excited about camping to break them in.

Would not stay again

I’ll start with the positives- the tent area is is reasonable walking distance to the clean bathrooms, the front desk ladies were lovely and even went out of their way to help me find a certain activity I was looking to do, that was great. We tent camp, there was one section for tents, and the rest of the property is filled with permanent mobile home and RV installations. A massive amount, it’s a mini city. There were no other tent campers. We found the $38 price tag steep for just wanting a primitive site but apparently you are charged for water and electric even though you don’t need irntequest it. I would not stay here again however- I didn’t appreciate all 6 nearby dumpsters being emptied between 7-8 AM while we were trying to sleep, and we woke up to 5 ticks crawling all over our tent. I have camped many places for many years and never have I seen so many ticks. Also not a fan of having to pay for a shower, this is an ordinary free offering in most other campgrounds. We did approach the owner and let them know our experience, we asked for and were given a refund. There was zero natural beauty here for Renter’s- you’re sleeping on a gravel pile with an old metal ring for a fire pit.

Perfectly awesome

We stayed here May 1st, one night, it was a weekday night so we pretty much had the place to ourselves. I start my review with that because we have heard this place can get very busy. They said it has long already been completely (180 sites!) booked for Memorial Day. That being said, we tent camped, it cost about $25. We bought three bags of their kiln dried wood which made for a wonderful and easy fire ($15), the tent sites were perfectly flat with crushed gravel and fire rings. The place was CLEAN as heck, the bathroom/shower were so clean it was like it must have been built last week. I mean seriously in perfect condition, water was hot the sites are not on top of each other and each has its own designated parking area. The surrounding park is seriously gorgeous. You cannot go wrong here, we enjoyed every single second.

Sweetest owner ever!

On a whim we decided to try this campground. We are tent campers and we’re looking for a place close to Shenandoah to ride our motorcycles. This was 3 miles from the north entrance to the park, perfect. Making a reservation was easy, we arrived and had the loveliest conversation with Pam, she is such a gem!! We got a spot right next to the creek, bought some firewood from Pam for $10, which gave you a small wheelbarrow full. You can get a better deal elsewhere but we were happy to support Pam. The campground wasn’t exceptionally beautiful, the bathrooms and shower are rustic. Paint peeling and very makeshift but who cares. The water was hot and the bathroom facility has gorgeous paintings all over it. The grounds were relatively empty when we stayed and we had no issues w anything. Rained all night, we didn’t care, rain and the creek sounded awesome. Without hesitation I would stay here again, you don’t meet special souls like Pam very often. Give her your business. Oh and watch out for the pet cat, he likes the road down to the campsite. His name is Puppycat.

Adults only, comfortable but lacking excursions

Lazy Lions is a comfortable campground with an adults-only policy. Having spent time in plenty of campgrounds with screaming or unwinded children, I could see this as a positive draw for the RV'ing crowd. I think we were the only tent campers the night we stayed.

Our tent site was level and on comfy plush grass, well maintained and either a beautiful addition of two (plastic) adirondack chairs at our fire pit with grill. This was especially welcome because we hadn't really planned on cooking but when we saw the great fire set up not only did we save time and energy by not having to take out (and put away!) our camping chairs, I was able to turn our chips and salsa into nachos using some amazing Vermont cheese we'd picked up earlier. My boyfriend has declared this was his favorite camping meal ever so thanks Lazy Lions for the unexpected awesomeness.

Our check in was smoothe, there was plenty of room at this campground, perhaps due to the fact that there isn't too much to do other than set up and sleep. It did have a pool.

On check in we found the front desk (owner?) to be less than warm, and at $7 to firewood a little pricey. We were warned to be careful with our food because of "critters" and when I asked what kind of critters the man responded, "all of them". Less than helpful. In hindsight we believe we found bear scat on our site.

We slept well, bathroom facilities were clean and well stocked. Showers, which we did not use, we $0.25 for four minutes. There was a microwave and wash sink as well for dishes, we didn't use either.

We met lovely people and had a fine night, there was just nothing particularly special about the place