Jenn H.

Sedalia, CO

Joined July 2018

Glamping @ 50 yrs of age.

11 mile drive off hwy

Appropriately named this camp area is on a lake 11 miles from the hwy. I know this because we drove to the wrong camp area. Don't do what we did we turned down another road exactly 100 yards from the eleven mile canyon camp area. Had to turn back and go another 11 miles. Ugh. So there is an11 mile canyon, and 11 mile State Parkl and 11 mile Spillway camp. Yikes =hind site. After 33 miles of s l o w driving… It's a great place and not heavily busy for a boatable lake! Nice n quiet.

Great find in the middle of nowhere

This campground has a lot of great spots with a view of the lake. However if you have a boat and camper get a pull thru spot. Btw a ranger found a bull snake. That was huge. Non poisonous. But surprise. Ha ha

Narrow paradise

This place is great. Quiet. Fun, and beautiful. Short steep hikes. Fly fishing mecca. Long bumpy 11 mile dirt road ride. But worth it. Recommend tent camping. No long or big campers = tough trek in.

Barren oasis

This is a great lake to fish, ski, camp and hike. Found a harmless whip snake in a tree. Last camp trip. But three rangers were great and relcoated it. Not many trees here for shade. Gets windy for tents. And hot and dry the summer. Hope you have a camper for shade and AC. Great events for the kids.

Perfect view

This camp ground has the best view!. We have camped in Colorado for over 15 years. By far the campsites with the best views! And you can rent cabins too. Just love this place. Lake gets busy In the summer. But still worth if you can get a reservation.