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Best Primitive Island Camping for Bird Lovers

Anclote Key Review There is only 1 way to get to Anclote Key and that is by boat. Whether you take the few hours and kayak the 3 miles over from Tarpon or motor in from one of the many docks in the area that is the only way you can get here.

“Ferry services do not drop visitors off for overnight camping. You must have your own transportation to stay overnight. Dogs are allowed only on North Anclote Bar.” 

This seldom used camping area is wonderful after the sun sets and day visitors leave the island. 

There four islands that combined make up the state park- There is a nice primitive camping area on the island not far from the lighthouse. Once you arrive take time to explore each area- Anclote Key, North Anclote Bar, South Anclote Bar and Three Rooker Island. There are over 11,000 acres full of migrating and native shorebirds and other creatures that have made their way to the island. Last count of bird species I believe was over 40! The 1887 lighthouse stands as a historical reminder on the southern end of the island. Occasionally tours can be made available by contacting the onsite ranger. 

Spend your day swimming and sunbathing at the beach or kayaking around the island. If you arrived by motor boat try a bit of flats fishing but stay in designated areas and remember most area around the island in NO WAKE. Fire up the grill but make sure you leave no charcoal or burned wood pieces on the beach! EVERYTHING- and they mean everything you bring on the island must be taken off with you! There are no bathroom facilities and all human waste must be buried well and paper take in trash.. 

Enjoy a night of primitive camping under the stars without a sound except insects and lapping waves on the beach. There are no provisions offered on the island, so be prepared to bring your own water and supplies. Make sure all food is secured (we anchored our boat with provisions on board a bit off shore and swam in to no risk raccoons getting into gear as it was a calm night with clear weather). Usually it is quite windy so plan ahead.

A Florida Saltwater Fishing license is required to fish. 

Reservations MUST be made in advance and the island does close during bad weather not allowing visitors to stay overnight.

Great Central Location and Friendly Staff

Centrally located between Eustis, Tavares, Umatilla, and Leesburg you will find this lovely RV resort on Lake Harris in Central Florida. Their busy season starts in Oct and goes through April with many guests staying throughout the months. Off season it is very easy to get a spot.

They are in the middle of a large number of renovations. All sites will have concrete pads by late 2019, New clubhouse is scheduled to break ground any day now. 

They have 7 hotel units they advertise as vintage - yet they will take you back in time to when the park first opened in the 50's. There are about 5 lodges and over 300 RV sites. Best sites seem to be up on the hill and they boast a beautiful view of Lake Harris and the 9 hole golf course. They are spacious but not very private and there are no picnic tables at sites.

At the lower portion of the resort you will find the marina, 160 high and dry racks, about 60 wet slips, current clubhouse, bathrooms, brand new laundry facility and a very small store. They have golf clubs to load if you want to check out their course, there is a nice pool, gym, and showers. The hot tub was out of commission when we were there and we were told it may be down permanently. Grounds and facilities were very clean and you can tell that fresh painting had recently been done.

With all the small town Florida vibe in the area it is not hard to find the perfect place for dinner, shopping, exploring or just taking a boat out for some fishing. Staff is very knowledgeable of the area and can refer you to many resources. In busy season they have themed pot luck dinners, live music and other activities to keep everyone entertained.

With some of the best prices in the area you really can't go wrong with a stay here - unless you are looking for luxury amenities. This home town park will make you feel like you just came home - that is what I liked about it the most.

While you are here check out some of the local trails and parks! 

Hickory Point Park 27341 State Road 19 just around the corner

Flat Island Preserve 2388 Owens Rd, Leesburg

For more fun visit Trout Lake Nature Center, Crystal River Kayak Company, and the Goblin Market (fantastic crab bisque)

Unique Treehouse Camping Experience

We found this fun family friendly location from a facebook post about Tree house camping and had to check it out. Making reservations was pretty easy on the county website. There are a number of forms you will be emailed to print and fill out(will save you a lot of time if you plan to use the pool that is run by YMCA) 

Check in was easy. The office is closed form 12– 1 so no chance of checking in early. There is a Girl Scout Museum near the main office where you check is– but is rarely open. This was an old girl scout camp and now id open to the public. There are many different types of cabins available for rent, tent sites and 9 tree houses. Each area set up as a grouping with a bathhouse and kitchen pavilion. 

The tree houses were so fun to stay in and being higher up gave us chances of a breeze– many in our group brought battery operated fans. Though there was a threat of rain all weekend we stayed high and dry in the tree houses(2 sides are only screened) 

There was a very large lighted screened kitchen pavilion with fireplace, stove, fridge, sinks and covered outdoor grill. There were other campers in the tree house area we shared this community area with. It was great to have a place to hang out during the rainy evenings. Bath house was centrally located and clean. 

Pool was very nice and very strictly run by the local“Y”. It was closed a lot due to distant rumbles of thunder but we did get a few minutes to enjoy. 

Trails were well kept and took you through the property and past many of the grouped cabin areas. One boardwalk took you out to the river and fishing dock another out through the area by the tree houses. 

It was a good 10 minute hike with our gear to get to the tree houses from parking area near pool. Wagons are provided but pack light to save the trouble. 

Summertime this place is a kids paradise. There were lots of families, parties and groups on the property when we went. Fall and Winter we are told is the best time to camp here but we were advised to book early! 

Remember to Leave No Trace and enjoy this one of a kind experience!

Ranger Review INNO INH540 bike rack at Hillsborough River State Park

I typically avoid tent camping here in the summer months– early summer the trails are heavy with mosquitoes and summer rains bring a large amount of flooding. Though in the fall winter and spring this park is AMAZING. We were very lucky on this trip to have snagged spot at the high part of the riverside loop. Sites 20 and 21 typically stay dry enough for tents. Sites along the river side of loops are prone to flooding some holding as much as 4-6 inches of water.

 This trip was a short overnight to get rid of some pent up cabin fever. We loaded up a tent and the bikes, praying for dry weather. The mosquitoes were not bad, almost none, the the river was near flood stage and inches from overflowing its bank near the campground. 

The 2.5 mile loop from main entrance is perfect for biking, be careful near the pool area that is VERY crowded in the summer as many locals visit and it will reach capacity early in the day. You can rent bikes and canoes at the concession area near the stand if you did not bring your own. The grounds are beautifully kept, campground hosts are helpful, bathrooms clean and playground areas are plentiful. There are very nice pavilions and one air conditioned building available for rent for special events. If you are visiting in the summer call to make sure the site you booked is dry. 

We did see where one person got his travel trailer stuck on the mud trying to get into his site. There are very few tent campers in the summer so be prepared if you are tent camping to hear neighbors a/c running all night. 

I get products to test from time to time- today I am testing the INNO INH540 Bike Rack On first impression upon receiving– this is a heavy duty rack! Shipping weight is nearly 50lbs. and came fully assembled. This bike rack will fit both 1.25 and 2 inch receivers. We first tried to mount on my Jeep Liberty but we need to get a receiver extension as our spare tire prevented installation. So we mounted on our Dodge 1500 truck. I had to have my husband help me slip it into the receiver(was a bit awkward for me to do on my own).

 I was very pleased to find the unit came with a hitch lock that was keyed the same as the cable lock for the bikes. Rack came with 2 keys so we each have a key on our ring and can access without looking for it. 

The bars are adjustable and the rotating upper and lower cradles are well designed. The support bars also fold down when not in use. Another nice feature is locking pivot at base that will allow you to tilt the rack out of the way of tailgate to enable access without removing the entire rack. 

The rack will hold 4 bikes up to 35 lbs each or a total of 140 lbs. We have mountain bikes with less space on crossbars of frame so was a bit tight to get loaded. Loading was much easier once we did it a couple times and got used to where we needed to place the cradles. Street bikes load with no issues,(we borrowed the neighbors bikes to test and to show off our new INNO bike rack– they were jealous)! 

Order yours today from You will not be disappointed!

The prefect getaway no matter the weather

This was my 2nd trip here Last year we went in May and weather was chilly and trees were still bare. This year we went in June and everything was green– trees were full and we had mostly non stop rain… that did not take way from our fun! Book Early! This place sells out quickly during months of good weather and for all holidays (Especially Thanksgiving).

The hike up was amazing and the facility is top notch. Was wonderful to not have to set up a tent in the rain we had.

Make sure when you arrive at the state park that you check in at the lower falls ranger station so the Inn knows about what time you will arrive. Check in is easy and just takes a minute. You can start your hike there and take the 400 plus steps to the upper falls and pick up trail– or you can park the lot above the falls. 

We took our time and made the hike up in 4 hours– part of the trail was slick when rains were heavy. Everything was so green and beautiful. Just when you think how much further can it be you round the corner of the trail and catch a glimpse of the front porch. 

We checked into our rooms we had 2 adjoining rooms for 4 of us and 1 room for our male companion. Beds/Pillows were comfortable Clean bedding and blankets, hooks for clothing and packs, there was also a stool and mirror on the wall. 

Bathroom was close in the next building and walkway was covered. Bathrooms were wonderful, clean and spacious. Body wash/shampoo mounted on dispenser in showers. Towels provided. 

Meals– what can I say other than the provided breakfast and dinners were AMAZING. Coffee, Tea, Lemonade, Water(hot and cold) were available nearly all day. You could purchase bagged lunches which included sandwich, The BEST "Amicalicious" everything gluten free cookie and trail mix. 

Staff provides tours and evening programs. The views are amazing from the porch or the star station. 

There are trails to hike around the property or you can hike the 6 miles round trip out to Springer Mountain and the start of the AT. There is a wonderful community room with books, games, cards, puzzles, guitar that you can spend your evenings entertaining yourself or each other. I have been there twice and I cannot wait to go back. 

After your first visit there are opportunities to go back as a volunteer. You can inquire about these opportunities at the Len Foote front desk.

Beautiful Views - Lot's to do

When you arrive at the state park you need to go straight to the lodge to check in. There is a VERY steep climb(25%) so if you are pulling a travel trailer be prepared! This climb will test your vehicles pulling power. 

There is a winding parking lot at the main entrance of the hotel to park while registering. You may want to call to verify where to park with Travel Trailer or RV while signing in. 

Most of the 24 sites in the camping loop are level and stepped along the terrain. The tent pads are gravel and were smaller than our large tent– but we managed and tied off on the railings since there was no place to put stakes in. Sites are great for RV’s Campers and 4 person tents(square). Sites 23 and 23 are easy to back in large RV. For site map visit 

Bathroom was older but clean and everything functioned as it should 

The fun was not to be had in the campground but all over the park! There was access to the top and middle of the falls. Best place to photograph the fall is from the West Ridge Fall Access Trail and it is ADA accessible! There is a reflection pond where you can fish for stocked trout, a nice day hike to Len Foote Hike Inn, & amazing view from the lodge(and a great breakfast buffet!). Their map showed a rock climbing wall, Go Pro Park, 3D archery range, fitness trail, team building course, and Survivalist camp– we did not even get to these on our stay! There is also a gift shop at the lodge. Down near the entrance of the park is the ranger station, gift shop and the start of the approach trail to the“AT”– that takes you up the steps next to the falls and on to Springer Mountain. There are many pavilions there that can be rented for special events also. 

Up near the lodge (above the falls) is the new zip line attraction! We did not have time to try it out but it looked super fun! 

You will need a vehicle to get around to all these places in the park(unless you love hiking major elevation changes)

Dry Season camping only

There are 2 campsites available on this tract - Primitive site is accessible by car, back country by foot only. A free reservation is required for either and must be displayed or available - so make sure you take a copy with you.

Primitive Site - When you receive permit you will also receive a code to get through locked gate. Camp is just down road. These sites are heavily used during open hunting dates on this property. Once those dates have passed it is used typically by the locals for a close by adventure. At the campground the property boundary boarders a mobile home park which you will see on the approach road. There are no amenities except a port o let on site and sparse picnic tables. Make sure you bring bug repellent and keep food locked up.

Back-country Site - Again a no cost permit is required though you will not need a gate key. closest parking area is off Chancy road. It is about a 10 - 15 min hike from parking to site (in season wild blueberries along trail are wonderful). Cleared area is compact so will not hold a group of more than 5-6. There is a picnic table and fire pit. Make sure you bring bug repellent and keep food locked up.

 There are 14 miles of trails to explore and you will have on foot access to the Hillsborough River. Where trail crosses river there is no bridge. Fishing and frogging allowed throughout year. Make sure you have your license with you! Hiking between the sites is a great way to see the property. There are many different ecosystems to enjoy and property is seasonally very wet.

Group Camping with Girl Scouts

The group camping site at Hillsborough River State Park is perfect for all scouting adventures. The group site can hold multiple troops at a time and is away from the regular tent and rv camping sites It typically is booked up on weekends 3-4 months in advance but during the weekdays is seldom used. Church groups and other not for profit organizations can book this space if the scouts have not - but they are given first opportunity according to park staff that I worked with.

There is plenty of wildlife in this part of the park, group camp is a short walk from rapids Trail and gift shop, canoe rentals and other concessions. Fishing along the river is hit or miss - and there are alligators so refrain from fishing with chicken or liver. There is a large fine for harassing a gator (or feeding them) and this is strictly monitored. If you get a gator on your fishing line you should call a ranger  - do not just cut your line.

Bathrooms at the group site are something to be desired. They are are small, even tiny…and as old as the park. Just forget about the group camp shower… There are nicer facilities a short 10 min walk down the road near gift shop where you will also find a play ground.

Winter months are best- that is when mosquitoes are not too bad. June and July are nearly impossible to find relief from these insects.

I personally camped in a hammock and had a baby raccoon playing with my lines at night. YOU HAVE TO SECURE YOUR FOOD!

There are lots of picnic tables to have for seating and nice fire pits.

A special place to escape

I just returned from another stay at this wonderful campground. We stayed at a different site on the other side of the "fishing pond". Each year we make it out this way and I am shocked there are no other reviews of this place! Staff here is amazing, Park is laid out well so the RV's are not right on top of the tent campers, It is just far enough away from town and you can still even get pizza delivered if you needed. There are about 5 cabins available for rent, a swimming pool, and playground. You are 15 min from main road and very close to launch for a day trip on the Suwannee River. So much to see in the are as well like Big Shoals State Park and Stephen Foster State Park. You can shop for antiques in Historic White Spring and visit some really cool historic sites.

Bathrooms are always clean - though small. Water tastes good - always a bonus. There are even a few friendly ducks hanging around. Check this place out and give it a try - you will not be disappointed!

Handi-capable Camping

Colt Creek State Park is one of the newer parks in the Florida State Park System. We had the opportunity to camp at one of the handicap accessible sites recently and found it to be very convenient. Path and pad on site were roomy and fire pit was higher than usual for safety. These tent sites had water and electric as well. There are 2 of these sites available and both are easily accessed from handicap parking close by. Because this is a new er park the trees have not grown in well enough yet to provide adequate shade so be prepared for that. There is a lovely fishing doc with easy access and bathrooms are just wonderful. There is a paved trail as well as wide dirt trails to explore. This is a great place to visit. Camp hosts were wonderful as well.

Ranger Review Stream 2 Sea at Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park

Spring can be different every year in Florida - always come prepared for bugs. This year it was the gnats if you were near the water - pretty bad. Up in the bank where our site was they were not so bad. Because these sites are way back in the woods primitive - previous campers did not practice LNT toilet behaviors - but we let mgmt know and I believe they were going to address. If you stay here during one of their famous music event this place can get insanely busy. Even the back trails in this are are heavily driven by golf carts (and many times drivers under the influence) Keep kids close while walking the dirt roads/trails. Mid week is best time to camp here to avoid crowds of party goers.

 Product Review

On this kayak camping trip I had the opportunity to test out the Stream2Sea Sunscreen, Shampoo, Conditioner and the bonus is they are all eco friendly! I received the Conscious camper Kit the day before I headed out on the river and for 2 days in the FULL sun I did not get a burn. The sport sunscreen is very thick and takes a bit to rub in till absorbed but I can verify it works great! The shampoo, conditioner & Body Wash were fabulous and left my hair feeling silky smooth. Packing sizes were prefect for my dry bag. They included a very informative card about the products and why they are eco-conscious and coral safe! REMEMBER – a little bit goes a long way with this product! Pick up your  Conscious Camper Kit  before your next day out this summer at

Check them out on Instagram at

Ranger Review Primus Lite XL Stove at Woods Ferry River Camp

Campground Review

Woods Ferry River Camp is the first in a series of river camps available about a day’s paddle apart on the Suwannee River From White Springs (River mile 159.3 GPS Location: N 30 21.22, W 82 51.37 ) to Adams Track (River mile 85.5 GPS Location: N 30 2.10, W 83 1.14). On our recent visit River Level was at 52 making it easy to get out of kayak on a small sandy area under ramp. One of the storage racks had been damaged in recent storm/flooding but one still remained and held our 6 boats easily. There are carts to help you get your gear up the high 200 yard, winding ramp to get to the camp. Recent weather has taken a toll on this favorite camp of ours. We stayed in screened pavilion # 3 and found the railing to be loose and many of the installed hammock hooks bent down and unusable. Shower in the men’s room was scheduled for repair so we “stood guard” for our male camping companion to shower in ladies room. Camp hosts were wonderful and had ice as well as firewood available “for donation”. Fire pits were all clean as well as the rest of the facility! There is a large pavilion with picnic tables and electricity available for use with a large fire pit and grills. Other than routine maintenance needing done this place is holding up well. It is still free to stay at the river camps. There is a very nice tent camping area also! Screened pavilions need a reservation during busy time of year (which I would suggest always try to get). Our outfitter offers a service to shuttle gear to site for a fee. This trip there was a terrible storm front that came through and we did not get to finish our trip and outfitter was able to pick us up at this location. As we were aware of the trouble we could have with the weather we were able to get a call out luckily( limited cell service here) and arranged for our outfitter American Canoe Adventures – to pick us up. The hard part was moving all our boats from the river up to where the van could get to. Long ramp in the pouring rain – not fun. You cannot drive into Woods Ferry, this is a river access location only, except for camp hosts and permitted outfitters.

Product Review

On this kayak camping trip I had the opportunity to test out the Primus Lite XL . This stove comes with a 1 liter pot (good to feed 2 persons) that actually connects to the stove to prevent spills! This connection between burner and pot made for a secure unit making it much easier to stir the pot! The heat flows through the specially designed bottom of the pot which had fins built in, this heats the pot and items you are cooking very efficiently! This new feature also aids in keeping wind from carrying away your heat! Another bonus feature is the igniter button – no need to carry extra lighter for this stove. The clear lid with strainer, footrest, and folding stove handles make this a complete package. Well built, seems like with will hold up well in the back country and light/compact enough for backpacking. Primus did a great job with this set!. As a rebel I also had to test burner without the included pot and unit provided stable support and cooked evenly. Great gas saving stove! Thank you #PrimusAmerica !

Get yours today at

A Hidden Gem

Wow… a few miles from home and one I will visit often! This lovely county run park you will find at the end of a 15 min drive down a back country road. There is so much to see and do here. The campsites are well shaded. (unless grounds were full when you reserved and you took option to camp in adjoining astronomy field). I would have rated a 5+ except that there is only 1 small bathhouse in campground. There are other bathrooms on property though. Staff on phone are not overly friendly - but do not let that dissuade you from booking a spot here!

There are multiple tent camping sites dispersed on property and 1 primitive site that you have to hike into. The group site is very popular with local scouts! The RV/Tent sites are roomy and not too close together - but not very private either. There is a dump station onsite

Next to campground you will find a historic church, a large and small cabin available for rent, 2 playgrounds, shelters, large pavilion with grill/fire pit, fishing dock, canoe launch, paved bike trail hiking trails and an observation tower. On new moon nights the local astronomy club uses neighboring field to gaze at the stars. This place is quiet and dark at night!

Wildlife did not seem to be a problem at camp (but we are very careful with trash). There are lots of birds, deer and fishing was good on the river.

You might have to compete with us for a reservation here - we will be back!

New Group Camping Site in Brooksville
  • Hard to say "new" as this site has been open over 2 years - but no-one knows about it but the scouts! Absolutely beautiful, clean, well shaded, natural campsites. Prices start at $5 per person per night. There is limited parking available near sites. Well water and bathrooms onsite. Many fire pits with grills, picnic tables with lantern hangers, night security lighting. Hammock Campsite accommodating up to 5 hammocks. Iron Ranger available for walk up campers as this camp is also just of the Florida Trail near Deer Run.

Great a hiking nearby at Perry Oldenburg, Big Pine and Chinsegut Conservation Center. Nearby McKethan Lake great for fishing and boating as well.

Reservations must be made in advance with Division of Florida Forestry. We will be using this camp much more in the future!

Easy access - lots of trails

Access primitive camp from the Tucker Hill Day Use Area located on the Hernando County side of the Croom Tract on Croom Road. or hike in from trails. If parking in gated day use area there are fees - but parking in street side lot on side that accesses campsite there will be no fee.. You can hike all day and walk the 1/2 mile to car to get camping gear so you don't have to carry a heavy pack all day. Primitive site is located just off the A loop and you can get in some wonderful hiking here! Sites are dispersed and some have fire rings - sites that do not please be respectful and burn only where fires have been before. Not far off trail at all so you may see persons hiking pass. You can hear some vehicle traffic at night due to close proximity to road -but not a well traveled road. Camp hosts have been friendly and there are full bathroom facilities in day use parking area.

Hiking Trails

  • A Loop* is 7.39 miles.
  • B Loop is 8.97 miles.
  • C Loop is 8.09 miles.
Ranger Review: ICEMULE Cooler at Peace River

Campground Review: If you are looking for a clean, remote, large camping area, with large spread out sites and few amenities - this is it. Reservations for the Oak Hill campground can only be acquired through the Peace River Canoe Outpost. They maintain, clean and patrol the sites in addition to hauling your gear/firewood there so you do not have to paddle down the river with it. Sites have picnic tables, fire rings and port-o-lets available.

You can hike around the peninsula of Oak Hill and explore, look for fossils and sharks teeth at the waters edge or just site back and enjoy the peace and quiet. We had no trouble from squirrels or raccoons (we hung our trash out of reach just in case). Kids will find a way to keep busy exploring but there is space for a bit of catch or game of Frisbee.Manhunt was popular on our trip! These sites are very popular with scouting troops and locals - call easily to schedule your trip especially on weekends!

Product Review: As a “Ranger” for The Dyrt, I get products to test from time to time – this weekend I tested the ICEMULE Pro backpack cooler. This cooler was the large model (23L) in my favorite color green! Product was put through it’s paces on a hot spring day in Florida while kayaking on the Peace River. We packed a couple frozen water bottles and a few chilled bottles and everything for breakfast casserole for 11 the next morning, 2 small icepacks and a quart size back of loose ice cubes. Everything held temperature. We barely had room to fold over top 3 times as suggested and we did inflate just a small bit to add to the insulation properties per instructions using small valve on side of bag. Backpacking straps were a bonus for carrying to the launch and back to camp!

This cooler is so well built and tough! All seams are well put together and sturdy exterior fabric will surely last though quite a bit of abuse. I did not test to see if it floats when full as advertised. This cooler rolls up nice and small when empty and for storage – but mine will not see much storage time – this cooler will be going out on the water with me all summer! The ICEMULE Pro outperformed 2 other coolers persons in our party brought… they will be purchasing one like mine soon!

Nice for Groups or primitive camping

This is a lovely property sitting on the Northern boarder of Little Big Econ State Forest. There is one small hike in to primitive campsite on the far side of the lake from the nature center - on less than 2 mile loop trail. Site will hold approximately 5 guests comfortably. There are no amenities except a primitive toilet around the bend from the site. There is a fire ring on the site and a picnic table

The trails are filled with wildlife! Gopher tortoise, raccoon, shore birds, deer and so much more. the wildflowers in the spring and fall are eye catching and there is a small lake not far from the trail offering fishing opportunity.

The nature center is very well done and there is a new group pavilion with bathrooms, picnic tables and room to play for a small fee. They host family camp outs in this area 2 times per year.

Be ready for a hike

To get to this camp you will have to hike in along old levy's some just over a foot wide. Much of the trail is sloped to one side or the other. Along the way you will see some beautiful sites! Many hike the loop trail as a day hike. but it is better enjoyed at a slower pace as there is so much to see if you open your eyes. The just over 7 mile trail takes you by orange trees cover in butterflies in spring, also wildflower lines trails and along the beautiful St Johns River.

The camp site is used often by scouts and folks wanting to start training for longer hikes North of Florida. The campsite it self is very nice. there is a covered shelter, fire pit, benches and a picnic table. Many trees for hammock camping and lots of room for tents. Sadly with no toilet facilities back along the edges of the campsite you will find evidence of human use and abuse. PLEASE leave no trace. Also if you go take the time to pull a few of the invasive Caesar Weed plants that are trying to take over the camp (they are the ones with seeds that act like Velcro).

You MUST have a reservation to camp here. If you have a pet it MUST be kept on a lease at all times and picked up after. there are feral hogs and snakes on the property….and you must practice bear safety using a bear proof container for food and hanging from tree at night. We saw no bear sign when we hiked - but that is not saying they are not around.

Great Riverside Camping

This is a favorite campground of our as we like to paddle the Oklawaha River via kayaks. The river in this area is magical. The campground is set in a little cove. Reservations are not available - First Come First Served. The camp host is wonderful - been there for years. We can leave our cars/tents after checking in and head out for a day on the river and know the camp host is keeping a sharp eye out. (We also give him a nice tip)

There is not much privacy between sites - they are "find a spot and settle in" There is a lot of night lighting, not many trees for hammocks. Bathroom and Outdoor shower are as clean as can be expected. Grounds are well kept.

Keep bug spray close at hand during rainy season.

So much to offer!

What an amazing State Park - they have multiple camping options. Equestrian, Car/RV camping and there is a back country site on a 7 mile loop trail that runs part of the way along the river.

The Car/RV camping spots are roomy, somewhat private. bathrooms are clean, almost always have camp hosts available.

Access to the back country loop trail and camping is just down the road. Reservations are required and you check in at main gate. camp is about 4 miles in on trail if hiking counter clockwise. There is a space for fire and picnic table at site. This is a nice place for beginner backpackers to try out. Sadly just through the tree line is a golf course and housing community. Note: resident raccoon is very large - you must hang your secure food and trash! You can see lights through the trees at night and hear the lawn equipment in the mornings. This can be comforting to first timers though. The hike along the river is just beautiful.

Equestrian camping group camping area offers 4 sites has stalls and other amenities for horse camping. fire pits and picnic tables. There are 12 miles of trails in the state park

There is also a primitive group camping site for scouts and other similar organizations.

There are many ranger and local outfitter activities and seasonally there are offered full moon horseback and kayak trips that allow you to see the area in a "different light"

Fishing is available also on the river, The "lake" is man made and has little to offer for those wanting a catch.

Make sure you book your reservation early as this park fills up fast!