Jason E.
Reno, NV
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Just a Kansas boy who has live all over the country & now call Reno my home. Recently rediscovered my love for outdoors & hiking around.
Free campsite in the middle of DVNP!

This is a free campsite for tents only. However, several people brought in their car campers & just set up a tent. You can leave your tent in one of the 10 spots & travel throughout the park during the day but that is not best practice because then others will not have an opportunity to use a site as they come in for their 1st night. This has working toilets that flush & R kept well. There are multiple trash cans that are changed out.

While the ground is hard & filled with stones which make it hard to get a good stake in the ground, this is a good campsite due to location, it is free, & the amenities are quite nice given this. This is a 10 minute drive from Stove Pipe Wells (just SW of Stove Pipe) & you can get gas as well as general store stuff there.

I would advise you come early & get a spot. Many people arrived just before sunset & after dark but were not able to get a spot because this filled up so quickly. Do not be that guy at 10 PM circling the lot & spotlighting everybody.

Finally, while this has good bathrooms & drinking water available, you need to know that those facilities are located a bit off the side. You’ll have to walk, not far, to the structure to use them just so you know.

North Canyon Campground near Tahoe Rim Trail

 This is a decent campground in the middle of a section hike of the Tahoe Rim Trail.  Only has 4 sites at the campground.  However, it is open all year round & it is free. Also has bear lockers which is good. Has toilet facility but no running water. That’s ok as there’s a stream close to it you can filter from.  Hard to get any signal in this Canyon & texting is hard to accomplish as most of the time you have no service & at best only have 1 bar. Calling from here isn’t really an option. Easily accessible via the North Canyon road. A decent place to stay when trying to get to Marlette Lake headed North.