Janekim A.

San Francisco, CA

Joined September 2016

Camping on the North Side of Beach

All Hawaiian beaches get crazy on the weekends and summers. It's best to visit during the week and when schools are in session, because the beaches are teeming with local families. There is plenty of places to park and the area has clean bathrooms and showers by the beach. White side, clear waters, and is known to be a place where you can swim with green sea turtles.

Popular with the Hawaiian Families

You have to be nice and respectful if you want to hang out here. Don't piss off the locals. I'd come during the weekday and when school is in session because it can get crazy crowded on the weekends and summer. There's a protected area to swim in with a sandy white bottom and areas outside that make for great tidepooling. Be careful of sea urchins!