One of the First & Best

Vogel State Park is one of the first State Parks of Georgia, built by the CCC. There is a great CCC museum on the site. I have been going here since I was in diapers, and it never gets old. There is great hiking and water activities, and lots of nearby attractions.

Lots to do

We went in January. It was record low temperatures. It was still fun. I explored the numerous trails. We paddled in the tidal river. The people in the bait shop were very helpful at helping us plan our route with the tide. There are lots of host campers, and they are "Johnny-on-the-spot" with their tasks. Not only is there adventures in the park, there is lots of nearby attractions. Don't miss going to Cumberland Island when you are there.

Fabulous people

This campground is simple, but offers a great experience on the water. They have kayaks to rent, and a shuttle. You can try out and buy kayaks there, too. The owners are stewards of the waterways, and led by God.

Secluded and shaded

This campground offers well-shaded, and secluded sites. Beware of the raccoons. They are very clever. I spent a little time raiding their trash stash.

Best trails

There are 14 miles of hiking trails, and a 3.5 miles water trail at the park. The trails are well-maintained, and easy to hike. 

The crushed slate on the campsites is a bit messy. When dry, everything is coated in black dust, and when wet, everything is coated in black mud. The sites are ample size, easy to back into, and are getting much more shaded now that the park is aging.

This park is secluded. It is a "dark park", so it is great for star-gazing.

tranquil cove

My favorite spots are 115 & 116. They are next to the restroom, and the Go doesn’t have one, and they are secluded in a private cove. They lock the gate at 10, sharp, and tend to have some trouble with sewerage during rainy seasons.