James G.

Crestview, FL

Joined June 2019

Retired Firefighter/Full Time RVr

Not a Resort

This is a basic campground with a swimming pool, a store and laundry. The sites are gravel and most are not level. They are not well maintained as the site next to us has weeds a foot high. There are a few big rigs that can barely fit on a site. The loop we are in has four roads leading to the campsites (A,B,C and D). There is an arrow indicating direction. The exit road (D) is also an entry road to campsites. If someone is going to a campsite in Road D you can not pass them when exiting as the road is only one lane. There is plenty of room to expand the exit road to two lanes. When we checked in we were not offered any information on “Resort” activities or information on Hershey Park. You can tell that most of the employees do not want to be here both at the campground and Hershey Park. No one smiles and they can be rude.

We arrived about an hour early. We were told to wait in overflow. The overflow lot is a grassy area with dips and holes. There are several RV’s that have been there for some time.

Hershey needs to invest some money into the Campground. You pay Resort prices for a state park campsite.