Shout out to River Rock Adventures for an amazing weekend!! I was fortunate enough to find this local gem while browsing“camping near me”. Not only that, my unlucky butt won a 2 night stay there! They describe it as primitive camping which it is but, it’s so much more. When my girlfriend and her son arrived they were met by the entire crew(sorry I missed you guys). She said they gave them a complete walk around of the site and were super friendly and helpful. They provided us with tons of information to include maps of the local trails. There was 2 scavenger hunts that you could do. One where they list things to do and objects to find and take pictures of. The other was for local land marks. Both games I feel would maximize your visit to the area if you chose to do them. The site is almost 2 acres in size and you do not share the site with anyone. We saw no one while there and you’re literally about 100-150 yards off a side road. It was definitely convenient and private. There’s plenty of parking which is why I believe you can reserve up to 10 people. 3 large wooden decks keep you level and off of the ground. A 1:00 AM thunder storm reminded me to never forget to use ALL the tie downs😂 Also provided was a solar shower bag(pre-filled), nice and private wooden shower stall. There’s a covered kitchen with a wrap around countertop and benches. The floor was a nice laid brick. Included in the kitchen was a cool metal water jug for doing dishes that ran into a primitive sink. The charcoal grill was awesome. They also had a 5 gallon water jug that was pre filled in the kitchen area. They provide a nice wooden picnic table underneath a shade tree. There’s also a little“living room“ area near the kitchen and benches. They are also in a nice shaded area. It was about 90 degrees with high humidity both days. The shade and the breeze from the river was a bonus. Let’s talk bathrooms!! Super clean porta pot. Is it really a pandemic? Not there! Plenty of TP and hand sanitizer!! The fire pit was pretty cool. It even had a rotating grill you can raise and lower for cooking or you can remove it for a nice size fire. I went with my daughter, girlfriend, her son and 2 dogs.(Kids only stayed 1 night). We all had a blast and were never bored. The great thing about this place was there was no trash or broken glass. I’ve been really disappointed in the amount of litter and crowds since the world turned a little crazy. So many nice spots are full of broken glass. Not here. There’s a string of lights the runs a good length of the camp area along the river if you have a generator. Another cool aspect is they provide hammocks(# depends on reservation and people). My daughter opted to sleep in one for her night🙂 We can’t wait to return. 00 Kings Road Bainbridge, Pa 17502(717)449-9033— at River Rock Adventures.