Jacob W.
tempe, AZ
Joined September 2018
Tent/Hammock camper. Always pack out more than I pack in.
Best in the area

This is my personal favorite campground between Sedona and Flag. It is an exceptionally large campground, so some sites are better than others. They do have one loop that takes reservations, but majority of sites are first come, first served. I have personally never had any issue with getting my favorite spot, so long as I show up early.

Majority of campsite is surrounded by trees, making this spot shaded throughout the day.

Good amount of sites sit right next to the Creek. Oak Creek does run along the 89, so some road noise might be present if you choose these. My fav site is, but road noise has never bothered me as it’s minimal in my opinion. campsites have fire rings, grills, and tables. They also have coin operated showers, and they are warm, yet I’ve only used them one time. Water is available onsite. South of this campground there is a free well that has some of the best water in AZ!

there is also a ‘General Store’ near entrance, which offers fire wood and other basic supplies. Camp hosts have always been super nice here, even though they can be quite strict about quiet times.

On the South end of the campground, there is a trail you can follow along side the Creek. some Creek hopping is required. On the North end of campsite, is a wide open field, so if you want to play with your friends, dogs, fly a kite, whatever, it’s there!

Directly across the campground entrance, on other side of 89, is a moderate hiking trail that will take you uphill to fantastic views.

Overall, this is a fantastic campground. Yes, the ‘cave’ is fenced off, but other than that and the strict quiet times (choose the right campsite and as long as you’re respectful quiet time isn’t a problem) this spot rocks!

Busy but easy to escape

Beautiful and open campground smack dab in some of the most beautiful land this country has to offer!

YES, this area can get packed. lots of people/rvs/whole 9…BUT you can kinda camp where you want, so finding some space in this campground, even when it’s packed, wasn’t an issue for us.

Most of the lake front camping was taken, so my Lady and I set up camp a good distance away from lake. We could barely hear the people in the distance, and the stars at night were amazing!

we were not bothered by anyone, even with it being so crowded.

No shaded areas, so bring sun screen and shade set ups if you visit when it’s warm out.


When all the other campgrounds in surrounding areas are packed, Benny Creek is it!

came here on a recent holiday weekend, when everything around show low and pinetop were packed. Greer is right off the 260, but a hidden gem for sure.

Campground was nearly empty. we saw two other groups/families. Camping sites are large, but not as dispersed, so might be noisy if this place gets busy. There are areas for RVs, as well as vault toilets.

There is a Creek that runs along good amount of campground, and a little lake/reservoir 10-15 minute hike away. Lake area was empty and serene as can be (check pics)

Town of Greer is about 10 minute drive from camp ground. There are some services and restaurants. campground does have fire rings and picnic tables in most sites!

This spot is a true hidden gem!

one of the best on the rim

This is easily one of the better established campgrounds on the rim. Campgrounds are more dispersed here, leaving more room between you and any neighbors. Four star rating because I have had exceptionally loud neighbors here more than once.

There are camp sites that are located right on the edge of the rim. Please mind this if you have children, dogs, or are drinking at night. The drop off the rim is significant enough that I give it Jacobs survival rate of ZERO percent. So, please be careful.

Another tip of advice, weather on the rim can seemingly change without notice. The mountains themselves can affect weather patterns, but being this elevated in the Ponderosa Pines makes it nearly impossible to see weather coming from the east (of this campground ) I have personally been up here multiple times when it was blue skies and sunny, and within minutes was under serious downpour and even hail (twice). BSA motto; BE PREPARED!

besides that, Rim Road (FS 300) is very well maintained meaning most vehicles can drive the dirt road. the turn into this camp ground, and road within, is not as well maintained, but still manageable for most passenger vehicles.

There are numerous hiking trails up here, and a handful of lakes throughout this area where fishing and non motorized boats are allowed. chevelon lake is my favorite and most isolated, yet is a mile hike downhill to lake, which means 1 mile hike uphill to get back.

Overall, this is a fantastic spot with lots of possible activities for groups of all sizes and ages, as well as superiors views.

Must See but little Shade

Fantastic campground if you’re on your way to Grand Canyon, Antelope, or Southern Utah.

This campground sits on a hill overlooking the majestic Colorado River. Lee’s Ferry is the primary take-off Point for rafting the mighty Colorado.

This is a typical fee campground, yet can be quite popular so Rangers frequent the area often. Camp grounds and decently spaced, and come with grill, picnic table, and a little Ramada. BEWARE, Ramada and camp ground area offer MINIMAL shade, so bring an extra tarp or shade set up.

About a quarter mile hike from the camp ground is a beautiful beach area, with sand and all. It is the Colorado, so know the water temp stays low and cold even when it’s 115 degrees out! Swimming is an absolute, but other caution is force of the water, so watch the little ones!

There are also endless hikes in the surrounding slot canyons. Lee’s Ferry is very dog and kid friendly, but keep your pup on leash as those Park Rangers are always out (yes I felt need for second warning)

I have always encountered extra friendly campers here, and there are pit toilets.

Weekend Camp Spot

Overnight camping permitted on weekends only. lots of picnic areas and camping right next to the Salt River. Fires permitted in grills/rings except in dry season. This spot is typically not as crowded as Phon D Sutton, downstream. Tonto Pass required. Majority of area is shaded throughout the day!

Great Picnic spot right outside the city

First, I’m pretty sure this spot does not allow overnight camping. Coon’s Bluff, about five minutes up the road, does allow overnight camping, but only on weekends.

You will need a Tonto Recreation Pass. They can be purchased around the valley at most convenience/grocery stores/wal marts for $8. if you do not purchase this and display it on your rear view, you are subject to $100 ticket. just buy one (or a couple to keep handy in vehicle)

Phon D is a great day spot, yet can get extremely packed on weekends. During warm/hot days, entire families will pack in and bbq next. This means lots of people and lots of trash, which is only reason why I’m giving it 4 stars. Join the cool kids club and bring an extra trash bag or two, and help us pick up everyone’s mess!

Spot details:

This spot is right on the lower salt river. The water temperature stays pretty unchanged year round, but is amazing for summer play time. There are numerous picnic tables, as well as multiple Ramada’s. These picnic tables are spread out throughout this region, so if there are crowds, head upstream and keep checking for an empty table!

River has multiple swim spots, as well as an area to jump off some rocks (not cliff jumping, these rocks are a couple feet high at best, so good for young ones that can swim)

This area is also prime for seeing some of the ‘Native’ horses that reside in the region. So, if you’d like to enjoy a peaceful day at the river, swim, bbq, and maybe see some wild horses, this is a spot to check out!

there are a couple trails from people meandering. One follows upstream and shoots you out just before Coons Bluff. I personally like to bring my raft/tube up this trail, set off in the water (stay left) and jump back on shore just pass the rock jump area/main swim hole.