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South Plainfield, NJ
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standard state park campground, fine place to camp

We arrived late at this campsite and left early, so I didn't get a chance to see much of the state park (although the hiking trails looked good), but the campsite itself and amenities were great. We were going to camp at site 9, but ended up camped at Site 14, which was on a loop trail, so a little farther from the toilets/ shower block but with more privacy. The campsite had a picnic table and fire ring, and a paved spot to park the car on.

There are also cabins available to rent in one section of the campground, but we chose to just put up our tent. Everything was clean, lots of spots and a mix of RVs and cars- it's definitely a good campground if you are exploring around the area or need a good place to camp while traveling somewhere else.

Note: Site 9 is close to the toilet block and the light was shining into the site late, so we switched to site 14. Site 14 is slightly sloped, so be aware if you are putting up a tent there.

small park but still perfect for viewing eclipses!!

Bledsoe Creek is a small state park, but still very pretty and a nice area to camp. We first camped here after watching the Great American Eclipse from the park, and although the park was packed that day (because it was in the path of totality), in the evening the campground was still clean and well run. One of the toilet buildings had closed down, but only because of the hundreds of eclipse watchers in only a morning- otherwise should have no problems. Most of the campsites are not super far apart from each other, but there are trees and lots of shade so it still feels fairly private. Bathrooms were close enough and clean, and the staff at the visitor center was very friendly and helpful.

Lots of people took kayaks and boats out on the water, and there are a few dock spots where people were fishing. The trails are well marked and in great shape, and were almost all flat so nice for going on an easy run! There are only a few trails and areas in the park to explore, so it might not be the best place to camp for multiple nights or focus a trip on, but is great if you are traveling through that area and want a nice place to take a walk and camp for a night.

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Flowed Lands + Calamity Lean to

We camped in the Calamity Lean to for 3 nights on a school trip, and it was my favorite site we stayed at on the trip. The view of the lake is stunning, and there's a quick walk down to the edge of the lake. There's an outhouse a little ways away from the lean to, and another spot to set up a tent right down the trail. The trail to Mt. Skylight and Mt. Marshall are both close enough to hike in the day. The campsite is also close to Lake Tear of the Clouds, which was really great to see. While we were there it poured non stop, so the trails were like a swamp, but apart from that the area is incredibly beautiful. The trails are also VERY rocky, so not necessarily easy hikes, but the forest is beautiful and the trails are very interesting.

Mt. Marcy camping

We camped here for a few nights in one a lean-to for a group trip and it was absolutely amazing! The scenery was gorgeous and there were lots of nice hikes around.

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Copperas Pond Camping

The campground by Copperas Pond is up a trail in the Sentinel Range Wilderness Area. The hike up to the campground was pretty rocky and steep, but not that long. About a mile up the trail splits in two; one way goes to the lean to where we camped and the other path circles halfway around the lake with 3 or 4 campground spots along the way. The lake was gorgeous, and the lean-to has a beautiful view from inside. We set up a bunch of hammocks because the weather was good, but could have all fit in the lean to easily. Although there’s not any trails to hike on apart from the ones to campgrounds from the parking lot, there are lots of trails a few minutes from the parking lot, and you can swim in the lake. Most of the campsites are right next to the lake, have a fire pit, and at the lean to there is an outhouse pit toilet close by. I thought it was a really pretty site and it wasn’t crowded or too near the roads, and we really enjoyed the scenery.