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Piedmont, SC
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Elk watchers paradise

I camped during the Elk Rut and watching the elk come out at dusk was amazing. Hundred of elk at the meadow below. Jawdropping.

Great campsite and great view. Even with plenty of RV's and campers around it was extremely quiet. Each site had a picnic table and fire ring. Sites are pretty close together so just keep that in mind when setting up camp. Bear boxes are there for a reason so use them!

Pit toilet close to my site was fairly clean and stocked. Water was a little bit of a walk but not horrible.

I visited in Oct and during the day it was up in the 60's. The morning I woke up to snow. So again keep that in mind when camping during months that snow can happen.

Secret gem that many do not know about

I've hesitated on if I wanted to post a review about this site or not. It's such a great site that not many seem to know about and sometimes you just want to keep those hidden/sorta secret sites to yourself. But since there is already another review guess I will add mine as well.

By far my most favorite site I've ever camped. It's quite the experience being able to camp at the bottom of this canyon after seeing it from the top side. The river is close for fly fishing, there is no RV's, mostly tent or van/truck camping due to the road being restricted to vehicles under 22'. There is a 16% grade and extremely sharp and narrow curves.

There is only 15 sites in two locations. One is a drive in and has about 8 sites. The other was closed when I arrived but looked like very nice sites as well. Only pit toilets in both and I saw no working water so bring in what you are going to need.

Saw and heard lots of wildlife. Deer for sure and a few bald eagles, the other critters heard and not saw, well who knows but mostly birds. There are bear boxes on site.

Picnic tables and fire rings.

I'm sure as the snow/cold weather comes in this campsite will be closed down due to road conditions so double check before planning a trip to be sure it's open.

And to top it off the fishing here is amazing. So many open areas to climb down to the river and just fish away with no crowds. It was magical! and then to have a Bald eagle watching you, couldn't ask for a better experience!

One last thing, you are at the bottom of the canyon so it is in the shade quite often so meaning it is a bit cooler down there than at the top.

Great campground if you flyfish

The walk to the river was short and there even is a parking area for those who are not camping but want to fish.

Sites were well maintained, restroom and showers were as well.

Picnic tables, fire ring and grill at all sites. Deer wandered around freely and was an extremely restful night.

They offer pull in sites or walk in tent sites. I chose a pull in even though I was tent camping. Had to check out a few sites to be sure there was level/cactus free spot to pitch the tent.

Stunning views & quiet

I thought I would grab a tent only site but after cruising around and checking them out, the views at the tent only sites are not that great.

I ended up choosing a site in the B loop. This loop seemed to have the best views. Even with RV's set up it was pin drop quiet. Picnic tables and a grill at all sites. NO fires were allowed while I was visiting. You sometimes have to search around to find a good site in this loop for a tent but it's not that difficult. Many sites have a short little walk to beautiful overlooks. Catch the sites at sunset and sunrise and you won't be disappointed.

Restrooms were clean and well maintained.

Great site for fishing and cheap

If you are looking for a place to set up that is close to fishing this is your spot. There are a couple sites that are right by the river and a very short walk to wet your hook.

Yes the road noise is noticeable but it's unbearable. I would say just try to find one of the sites closer to the river verses the road.

I don't recall seeing a water faucet but did see one sight with power hook-up. Did it work? I haven't a clue. Only 2 other campers when I set up camp and both were in smaller RV's. Fire rings, picnic table and a fairly level site. Pit toilets that were bearable.

The views and the river is what this campground is all about

Small and cozy enough, your perfect fishing spot

I'll agree with the other posters. Platte River Campground is a great location if you are looking to do some fly fishing. The river is right there and easy access. Or if you want to set up camp here and then drive up/down the road there are tons of fishing spots.

Keep in mind there isn't a store or anything close by so be sure to carry in all you need. I don't recall water on site so better to be safe and carry plenty in.

I went in mid Oct so off season and there was only 2 other campers in the campground. I chose site #8, furthest away from the parking area but also more trees. There was a bit of road noise but not horrible. Was quiet and just a cozy place to stay.

A great site to check out what this campground looks like and how it's laid out is you can check out this video I found useful on YouTube. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mc9JPE53Lf4

It's called the Badlands for a reason

I loved this campground. Now it could easily have been because it was our first official, set up our tent site after 23hrs of driving. But honestly the views were beautiful.

Sites were nice and level for setting up our tents, the sites had a great covered picnic area. And even though we saw quite a few others camping out, it was quiet. We visited in Oct.

The bath houses were clean and well maintained and showers were sure nice to have.

We rolled in around 7pm so was already dark but waking to the morning sunrise was amazing.

No dogs allowed on the bridge :(

Packed up my trusted hiking partner, Jude the Wonder Mutt and headed over to Tallulah Gorge SP hoping we would be able to hike on down into the gorge and over the bridge. Sadly dogs are NOT allowed on the bridge so if you are taking a dog and hoping to get down deep into the gorge, forget about it.

So we chose to take another trail and take in the views from above. Trails were well maintained and an easy hike.

Next time I visit I will leave the 4 legger home to get down to the bridge and deeper into the gorge.

Where the Red Fern Grows

This State Park is best known for the filming of the movie Where the Red Fern Grows and it's understandable why. The falls and the trails/nature walks are beautiful. Very easy hiking/walking with a nice reward on views of the falls and river/stream.

Now the camping. There is an RV area and a Tent only area. When we arrived (Oct) the RV area was pretty filled up and we prefer less neighbors, plus we were tent camping. So off to the Tent camping area. The sites were nice and level but no real break up/divide between sites. Luckily there was only 2 other Tent campers when we showed up so we chose the opposite side of the area. There were fire rings, grills and cement picnic tables.

There are full facilities and the camp host does a great job keeping them maintained and also checking in on all the campers/RV'rs.

Black flies galore

I wanted to love this location, I really honestly did and it was beautiful. The drive into Palo Duro canyon was beautiful. At the front gate area off to the left were several long horn cattle. Those from TX might not be in awe about this, but for this Yankee girl, I was in shock.

The roads were well maintained, there were several pull off areas and hiking trail heads. They offer campsites for those with horses as well.

We ended up in Mesquite campground which offers water, electricity/plug in, and clean bath houses that were maintained and well stocked.

The sites are a decent size so you are not stacked upon each other. They have a pergola covering your picnic table. So yes supplies a bit of shade. Sadly ours was in disrepair, had several broken beams and being held together with tie wraps.

Quite a few wildlife sightings. My first view of a Roadrunner. Again maybe not exciting for those that see them often but I was thrilled. Wild Turkey that strolled through the campground as well.

Now on to the biggest issue and one that was a deal breaker for many campers. Like many pulled in, stayed about 20 mins and packed up and left. Others were spraying down their campers with bug spray. What was the issue? swarms and swarms of black flies. Now I'm not a sissy when it comes to bugs and flies. But this was beyond stupid. It was literally insane! You couldn't take a bite of your meal or take a sip of your drink without fanning them away. If you didn't you were guaranteed to ingest several black flies. I don't know if it was the time of year (Oct) or if this is an issue year round but it is a deal breaker of me going back to visit. Yes, we toughed it out and fanned each other while we tried to eat. Built a fire and by night time it seemed the swarms went to bed as well. But bright and early in the AM they were back. I honestly think we picked those black flies out of our vehicle all the way back to SC. Hell, there might still be some of those dead flying critters in my pack :P

If you don't like sand, pass this one by

Some of my best photos of our road trip happened here at this state park. But it was one of my least favorite places to camp. Just because of the sand. But that is what you get when you camp at a place called Sandhills.

The sites are pretty close together and there is nothing to break up the view between you and the other sites. Covered picnic tables but if it's windy, the sand is everywhere. Also when it's hot out the sand just adds to the temps.

Now on the plus side, the sunsets and sunrises are amazing. Because of the sand you get clear views of the horizon.

There was a lack of wildlife, matter of fact we saw zero critters.

Embrace the darkness at night

If you are looking for a quiet campground, with no ambient light to diminish your view of the night sky, stay at this campground. Pit toilets only but who cares.

Also this campground doesn't seem to fill up as fast as others in Big Bend. Which means more open camp sites and a better selection. It might not have the best of views but the sunsets and night sky was amazing.

Nice flat sites, plenty of trees and shade, not a ton of sites which keeps it pretty quiet and more laid back and calm.

Comfy enough

Nice sites with enough room between sites so you are not on top of other campers. Plenty of trees for shade, picnic tables and the bathrooms were clean, well kept and well stocked.

We didn't spend long here but would have enjoyed checking out a few of the trails they offered or checking out the stream a bit more to see if it was fishable.

Covered picnic tables at each site!

Several options on campsites here. Sites with water and electricity, walk in sites and primitive hike in sites.

Even though we were tent camping we grabbed a site with water and electricity. All sites that we saw had covered areas that had picnic tables. Level site to set up our tent. A bit rocky but nothing horrible.

The options for hiking were pretty nice and wildlife was heard and see all over during our night stay. Everything from armadillos to wild hogs that we heard off in the distance. Hares and tons of different birds to check out. They even offer bird blind areas for the enthusiastic birdwatchers.

A few trails were closed off during our visit for the wild turkeys.

Folks in the park office were extremely knowledgeable and eager to offer suggestions and ideas as we were road tripping through TX.

beautiful lake views

We camped at site 31 which is a primitive tent only site. The sites are HUGE!!! tons of space between you and the next site. Sites are level and easy to find a spot to pitch your tent.

Set up a camp chair, bust out your fishing gear and kick back and relax while watching the amazing sunset over Lake Meridian.