Heather H.

Hillsboro , OR

Joined May 2020

-27 -Native -Forester

Everything you could want!

Truly and amazing place! I’m looking forward to going back after Covid. We met our family half way and wanted a campground we could all find easily. It’s a bit pricey but for the convenience it was well worth it! Tent sites are huge and so is the campground! We stayed pretty far away from the beach and we were all by ourselves! Might try some of the dispersed camping in the area and use the campground day use and store next time?


This campground gets really crowded from the day use/dam side of the lake. Great for tent camping/swimming. The lake actually gets pretty warm starting in August.

Windy but Beautiful!

Do not fall prey to a river view spot! There are no trees to provide shade or protection from the wind! There are burn marks on my tent from the polls rubbing together. It is also a little weird only being able to access the campground from one side of the 84.