lots of wildlife

Overall this was my favorite campground of the trip. Herds of elk passed right through the campground. Also had blacktail deer and a moose. If you’re looking for a PEACEFUL quiet campground, the west side of the park is the way to go. Also right along a river!

Amazing place but filthy

This place is breathtaking, however there was a literal human shit sitting right outside one of the hot springs. Very filthy and overrun with people

Less busy!

Less busy than the Estes Park campgrounds


Anything near fern lake is very busy!

Great camping

Less popular!


Decent campground. Showers, bathrooms, laundry available. More “glamping” than camping

Ton of people

Ton of people with big campers and big groups

Lots of people

Lots of people

Very busy

Packed with rv’s and campers and large groups of people

Decent camping!

Nice, spaced out campsites. Campsites average prices, but they add an entrance fee to the park for each day on top of the fee. Not much for wildlife. Lots of families with screaming children.


One of the most amazing campgrounds I’ve ever been to! Wildlife everywhere! Sites were close together but very well maintained, very nice bathrooms. Will definitely come back here!

love mauthe lake

lots to do at mauthe lake. big campsites. not too close to neighbors, good fishing!

love this place!

lots to do at mauthe lake! one of my favs. good fishing.


busy, but nice!

walk in friendly

not too busy, river access, walk in friendly

barely camping

if you’re camping to be in the outdoors, wouldn’t recommend

love this place

big sites, not too close to neighbors, mini golf, fishing

love this place

lots of people but a great place to camp. lots of things to do throughout the day

childhood favorite

this was one of my favorite places growing up. beautiful river access.

wouldn’t recommend

this campground is PACKED with people. recommend finding one of the less popular campgrounds near by.