Family Resort

Gated and well kept group camping area. Lots of space for kids to romp and play. Crushed stone roads and pathways make it excellent for ADA access. Fenced dog run. A few roots and rocks made pitching a large tent a challenge but would be a great meeting place for all types of camping.

Amazing View!

The gps did get us to the right place! A narrow BIA road leads up to this charming rustic campground. $5 firewood, unbeatable views, hot shower, and flushing toilets! Perfect for our family of 5. Get there before dark to see the sunset or call ahead for weekend/busy times. We drove in on a weekday and got lucky but many more drove in after dark. Wildlife is abundant but they run dogs on some nights to deter bears. Boys and our pup all had a good night’s sleep. PS- They prefer a 2day minimum stay but are amenable.