the dyrt
just magical

the little streams running near each site, the beautiful walk to the lake with the leopard salamanders that the kids could catch and swim in. the bathhouses are great. be sure to read the bear recommendations and pack up your site accordingly and you’ll have a wonderful time. a great camp. so peaceful.

campground on a hill by a lake

beautiful campground, but if you tent camp, be aware that the tent pads are on a hill and vary greatly in size! so, if you have a bigger tent, scout out a bigger site. the bathroom and shower facilities were fine, functional and clean. the shower floor doesn’t drain super well, so if lots of folks are showering that day, the floor will be wet. the pool is very nice and so is the playground.

lots of locals

Easter posey is mainly populated with people who live long term in their RV and work on base. We were one of only 3 guests that stayed for an entire week - the 2 other guests quickly rotated out. there are bathroom and shower facilities, cleaned maybe once a week. signs to be careful about coyotes and copperhead snakes abound. we didn’t see any when we were there, but still, warnings posted. outdoor recreation was great and took care of any questions. you can rent a lot of equipment from them. lots of trees to keep you in the shade. each camp comes with a fire pit and picnic table.