Gerald J.

Ellsworth, KS

Joined March 2018

Weekend warrior love taking my kids with me passionate about bushcraft and survival skills as well as primitive skills and backpacking and hiking

Beauty if the plains

TThis place is scenic and in the backcountry of Southwest kansas it has many places to camp and it's nice and quiet for its not a summertime weekend recreational destination

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Nice place you woukdbt expect

I camped here a long while ago in scouts and it was a nice place quiet with plenty of stuff to go do and explore


I stayed at the free site a ways from the lake called Woodbridge public use area and the hiking trail that connected this spot to the lake was killer as well as the campground was beautiful I camped in the rain for 2 of the 3 nights I stayed here and it was still a very very enjoyable experience and it FREE!!

Good place for tents

A very enjoyable place to camp I only with the bathrooms and clean water were closer to the campground instead of a 10 to 15 minutes walk just to do business and I wish you could swim as well but other than that a very quaint and hidden little gem camping is free as well

Clear water and breath taking scenery

Aways enjoyable super clear water this place is a premier fishing destination especially for predator fish but great fishing no matter what your looking to hook into the camping is just as enjoyable with nice and open campgrounds that are close to the water the more simple your camping method the more enjoyable this place is for the tent spots are the best spots this place could use a few more trees but it's not a deal breaker because the beauty of this place is out of this world

Simple cheap and enjoyable

Quiet and lovely a clean place to camp with plenty of dead and dry fire wood to be gathered. this place has up to 24 miles of hiking trails on the north side as well as being the oldest lake in the state it has some unique history from ancient Indians and the area was frequented by Buffalo bill Cody and there aresome petroglyphs you can visit from natives of the area this lake is also a great fishing destination for all types of fish native to the state if tents and hammocks are not your thing they have cabins as well for $99 a night this is one of them lakes you should visit if your not from Kansas there is so much hidden beauty here that goes unnoticed by many