Gayle B.

Dallas, PA

Joined July 2018

Use caution

Let me start by saying that I assume the campground was not even fully open for the season yet so perhaps some of these problems occurred over the winter and they just hadn't had time to get everything in order yet. That being said, when we arrived the office was locked and we walked around for awhile before a woman (owner?) came by on a golf cart and told us to wait a few more minutes for her. Then, when we finally got checked in, she took my husband to show him where the site was. It was WAY too small and they should have known that ahead of time since they knew our trailer length. We literally would have been hanging over a hill. She took us to what she said was the only other available site. Looked like it had been a back in at one time, but she made us pull in meaning our truck was directly behind the trailer ahead of us with no way for us to drive off the site. We were with friends who were doing the driving that weekend, but if we had been on our own we would not have been able to drive anywhere- especially if the sites on either side of is were occupied. There was a burned out electrical box in front of our door and the water pipe was busted open. She told us we had to use the site down the hill from us for water, but our hose wasnt long enough. We talked about just using the bathroom there and not hooking up to water, but the womens room was locked with an out of order sign. After my daughter and I had to use the mens room, we went to walmart to buy a longer hose. That pipe was leaking and when we unhooked to leave it started gushing water and we couldn't turn it off. Had to go back down to the office to get someone (they were still sitting there watching the water when we left 20 min later).Bench and picnic table at the site were falling apart. There were farm animals there that did not look well cared for- though I'm certainly not an expert. Looks like it was a nice campground 20 years ago, but doesnt seem to have been maintained. To top it off, because it was considered a football weekend, they made us pay for 2 nights instead of just the 1 that we stayed. Total rip off considering the accomadations. We will not be back, but again, if they do some repairs and work on their customer service it could be a really nice place.

Nice campground. Bad water pressure.

I honestly struggled with what to rate this campground. I loved the area. Very peaceful and quite, but close to State College (a must since we were in town for a Penn State game). I also loved historic Bellefonte (I highly recommend eating at the Governors Pub). It had a cute little dog park, nice play ground, bouncy pillow, gem mining, pool, etc.- what you expect to find at a KOA. Once we were in it, I even loved our site once we were in it. It was very secluded, private, quite and woodsy. That being said- getting into the site was almost impossible. We didn't think we'd be able to do it. And as it was, our slide out was about an inch away from a tree on one side and up against a raised concrete pad on the other. For a smaller camper, it was probably perfect, but I really don't think they had any business putting a camper our size in that site. Width wise, the site was large and had some sort of shrub growing in the middle of the entrance which helped with giving it more privacy. Then there was the water pressure… or lack of water pressure. Saying it trickled out would be generous. Though there was a lot about the campground that I liked, I won't go back again just based on the water pressure alone. I've never been that stressed out trying to rinse my hair… It could very well have just been a problem with our site- we were in the very back on the hill. Or it may be a problem everyone was experiencing. I'm not sure which is why I gave it a 4 rating. I liked everything about it but that.

We're already booked for next year!

First, let me start by saying this campground is not what I usually like. I like trees, mountains, shade… this is a beach, plain and simple. That being said- we absolutely loved it and are already booked for next year! It was easy to find. Sites were very well marked. Friendly staff. Beautiful views. Ocean was a short 5 minute walk from our campsite- along with a playground and delicious restaurant (that even served vegan food!)! I didn't use the bathroom/bathhouse, but my husband said they were clean, well maintained and had excellent water pressure. Sites were a bit tight; I believe online it says they're 45x30 but I find that hard to believe. Our trailer is almost 38 feet and we only had a little room left over. Sites were level and paved along with some sand and grass. Also a picnic table- no fire rings at the sites, but there were a couple campfire areas scattered around the park. We spent most of our time at the beach anyway so the small site really didn't matter much. The campground is split into two sides of the river. The larger one that we stayed at had a life guarded beach. The beach on the other side had no lifeguard, but dogs were allowed on that beach and the water seemed a bit calmer and clearer over there. We stayed for 5 nights and every night was quiet except Friday- that's when our neighbors decided to get drunk and sing karaoke until 2am. People please, if alcohol tells you that you sound like Stevie Knicks, don't believe it. You don't. And no one wants to be woken up by your screeching. We complained the next morning (and from what I understand, several other people did too) and that night they came and spoke to them about quiet hours and we had no more problems after that. It's right next to a bridge- which is beautiful at night- but we didn't hear the traffic as much as I expected. Tent sites were closer to the bridge, though, so I'm not sure how noisy they were… Overall, it was a great location (only about 15 minutes from the Rehobeth Beach boardwalk) with excellent amenities. Highly recommended!

Great location near Knoebels

The highlight of this campground is it's close location to Knoebels with full hook up campsites and free shuttle to/from the park. Some sites are better than others- The first time we stayed we were near the bath houses- which actually ended up being a great location. Very large, open site and quiet! The second time, we were in a more wooded section by a little stream. I liked that it was so wooded, however, it was also significantly smaller. This last weekend we stayed near the lake, just in front of the tent sites. The site was large with a few trees and a great location at the very end of a road. However, the tent campers behind us were cutting through our campsite regularly. Not sure if this is always the case, or just the people who happened to be there this weekend. Either way, the whole point of staying there is to be in the park all day anyway. I do have to say I love the bath houses here. They are each their own individual rooms split into shower/changing room. I like the privacy and it made it much easier when my daughter was small.

Family Friendly

We only stayed here one weekend when one of our usual Halloween camping spots was already booked. It was recommended by friends who had stayed there a few times before during the summer. We had a great time! Pull through site was spacious and easy to get to- though ours was not very wooded. A little difficult to get out of the campground though. We basically had to wait in line for 20 minutes while a couple people in front of us were trying to get out of their sites. Other than that, we loved it! They had a really nice playground for the kids with picnic tables for the parents to sit at.

Trick or Treat!

This has become a new tradition for our family and friends. We started with a trip in the summer because of their candy bar hunt and heated swimming pool. We try to get the same campsite each year because it is wooded and spacious. In talking with the extremely friendly owners we found out about their Halloween activities and have been back several times. We love decorating the sites and taking the kids trick or treating. They do a haunted woods that we felt the kids were too young for- maybe next time! They do hot chocolate and goodies in the store during the evening and there are tons of photo ops!

Beautiful lake!

We were pleasantly surprised with this park! Dogs are allowed on a certain area of the beach- which holds special sentimental value for me because my oldest dog loved the water and this was the last vacation we took with her before she passed away. There were 2 other beaches we went swimming at- a bit crowded, but that is to be expected. There was a lovely monument to see and an informative boat ride which wasn't too expensive. We also did the lagoon by pontoon ride; this is free, but limited seating and first come first served. We felt lucky to get seats because the woman who signed in after us said she had been trying for months to go.

spacious and quiet

This was the first campground we stayed in with our Thousand Trails membership and, because sites are first come first serve, we weren't sure what to expect. Thankfully, there were many sites available and they were all good sizes. The campground is well laid out- very roomy. It was May and an extremely cool, rainy weekend, so we didn't get to do much in the area, but I would definitely recommend it. As I understand it, we could have accessed the water park at Timothy Lake North, as well.

No reservations

We weren't sure about this campground. We booked through Thousand Trails and you can't reserve sites. Our trailer is 37 feet long, so there is always the concern we won't find any sites will fit in (we actually cancelled the membership for this reason). While we didn't have a problem finding sites, the first night we stayed our neighbors were partying late into the night- not good when we have two young children with us. We moved the next morning and our next site was wonderful- much larger and quieter. The girls loved swimming in the lake and the pool. We were only a short drive from the beach, as well. It was a very nice campground.

Everything Disney does is perfect!

I cannot say enough good things about this campground. You get all the perks of staying on Disney property for a fraction of the cost. We stayed for 10 days Nov/Dec so everythingwas decorated for Christmas. Not as many food choices as some of the other resorts, but we mostly are in the parks or our camper anyway. You check in at a drive thru window, which my daughter loves. Pool was very nice as was the beach area. Preferred Campsite was a little tight to get intowith a 33 foot travel trailer, but was also super private with the landscaping.


We absolutely loved this campground!! Very short drive in to Baltimore- around 30 minutes. Getting in to the park was a little difficult. We missed the entrance and had to turn around (only reason I took off 1 star). Friends who were camping with us had the same problem. Nice playground for the kids. Some nice scenic areas- great for pictures. Lots of picnic areas. Very clean and the people we met were friendly.

Something for everyone

This place really has something for everyone! Classic cars, huge playground, lots of activities, friendly staff. The best part was hiking in the boulder field!

Close to Presque Isle

We stayed here because it was fairly close to Presque Isle and the price was very reasonable for the area. Overall, the campground was not as wooded as I would have liked. However, the people there were incredibly nice and the campground was clean and well maintained. From our site, we had a beautiful view of the pond. It was a good family campground, just not a lot to do on site as far as we could tell. However, I'm sure if you're in that area, your goal is to find a nice place to stay while visiting Lake Erie, anyway.

It was OK

We stayed here because it was one of the closer campgrounds to a concert we were going to. Honestly, because of that, we weren't focused on doing much in the campground and it was 100 degrees that weekend so we spent most of the time in the trailer with the air conditioner. I will say, the site we were in wasn't very well marked. The dog park was large, but no shade at all which is a big deal in the heat. The bathrooms were horrible. My daughter and I were practically scalded when we tried to shower. Actually had to go down to the office and complain about it. They immediately came back and adjusted the water heater, but that only made a small difference. Overall, I would stay again if I needed to be in that area for some reason, but I wouldn't go for a vacation.

Gas Saver Weekends

We've been here many times over the years. Several times they've run a deal where you leave your trailer onsite free during the week if you stay multiple weekends. The people are all very friendly. My daughter loves boating and swimming in the lake and going to the arcade. It's very family oriented.


This place was recommended to us by a friend when we first started camping. We've been back many times since then. It's very close to everything, but you don't even need to leave the campground! There are a ton of activities! Certain areas in the campground are very "buggy" and it can get a little pricey, but it's the best place we've been to in New Jersey so far.

Halloween Fun!

We've only been here for Halloween, but it's very well done! Haunted house, tons of decorations, people are wonderful- trick or treating, games, contests, fundraisers. Dealing with the staff has been hit or miss- sometimes they're very friendly and sometimes rude, but I guess that's true anywhere… Overall, it is a great experience!

Loved it!

Very close to Niagara Falls. Though, you really don't need to leave the campground. It was a little pricier than what we're used to, but well worth it. The bathrooms were exceptionally well done and maintained. The entire campground was spotlessly clean. The beach area was small, but peaceful and the pool was amazing! My daughter especially loved the zip line rides! Site was spacious and well maintained.


We used to go here every year because we like the area (there's a great candy store nearby) and it's a great campground if you're looking for very woodsy sites and some peace and quiet. Unfortunately, there weren't a lot of activities there so as my daughter got older she wanted to go to other places. But over all I would recommend it as a very nice campground with friendly people.


One of our favorite places to camp! My daughter loves the pools, gem mining, and slushies. The farm animals are adorable. We go every year with friends who use a tent while we use a travel trailer and we've both loved our sites and the facilities. Dog park is great, too!