Gary L.

Loveland , CO

Joined May 2019

I travel and camp mostly from a motorcycle. Love to travel, love to camp.

No water

We camped here on day 2. We were traveling on motorcycles and chose this based on location, and available water. The we site said it had water. There are other campgrounds in the area. It was almost empty a +, the water was not turned on a- . Campground was clean and quiet and far enough from the highway that only a little traffic noise came threw.
A good number of cars were driving threw, the camphost was very friendly and appologised about the lack of water. She said the cars were people from the highway stopping to use the bathroom. Water would make it a 4*.
I rode down to Mancus to buy water. There was no available water to filter. Mancus is a very small but nice town with a grocery store. Ice cream and 2 gallons of water, then back up the hill.

First to Review
Traffic noise

This camp was on day 17 of an 18 day road trip. After a couple of weeks you know what you like. I itial impression was very good. Almost empty, nice clean sites that were seperated enough to feel pretty alone. While setting up camp my wife came back and told me the restrooms were locked and the water was off, but there was an almost full porta potty. That pissed me off, because we chose it based in large part on the water. Now I had to locate and filter water. Had I know there was no water i would have brought it from town.
Later I began to notice the traffic noise. Semi trucks on a steep highway. This went on all night. It is a nice CG, but I would go back because of the constant truck noise.

This was a very nice place.

It was quiet although there were very few empty sites when I arrived. That was aroud 4. By 5 it was full. Camphost was friendly and sold fire wood. There was a sign that ssid no hammocks, so before setting up camp I asked the host and he said it was fine. Very dark, great for stars.

Among the best

Great campground. Only me and one other camper where there. Beautiful setting. It was late in the season, cold in the morning but a great stay.


Mostly RV sites although tents are allowed. Not my cup of tea.

Its not bad.

There are several campgrounds around the lake. Nice area with good views of the lake. Sail Inn restaurant/bar is close, but not very nice. The rangers seem to be on vacation which allows the crowded campgrounds to run wild. Crowded and loud on weekends, not bad on weekdays.

Great, quiet, clean.

I arrived here about 3 or 4 in the afternoon. I was alone in the C.G. Clouds were building so I set up my tarp and pulled out my camp chair. The timing was perfect. About 5 minutes later the rain started. It lasted about 20 min then stopped. I found the pump and filled my water bag and then filtered it. The water was rust colored but the filter cleaned it up.
There is a small lake a few hundred yards away, which I didn't try fishing in, no gear. About an hour later 2 guys came in on bicycles followed by a ranger on patrol. Wonderful place to stay. I hope to return with a fishing pole.


Dirty and over used is the shortest description. There were small bits and pieces of plastic, trash, cigarette butts almost every where I looked. The strangest part was the wire. There was so much insulated wire it almost looked like a junkyard. I guess hunters had used it to hang deer for gutting. At fist I thought it was string and I continually went to pick it up only to find more wire.

Locked in with no water.

I arrived at Franklin Mountain SP about 4:30. I was told the park was about to close. I asked if camping was available and was told, " yes but I'll be leaving soon". No mention of locking the gate or no water.

I went in and found an almost empty CG. I think there was only one tent located a couple of hundred yards away. I went to the restroom and found no water. Checked another and found the same. I then went back to the entrance kiosk expecting to find water there, but it was empty and closed. I decided to stay since I had about 2 quarts with me.

Great sunset. I heard traffic noise from the highway most of the night, but overall it way a plesant stay. I woke up early to the sound of sirens, mst have been a crash on the highway. Made coffee and loaded up the bike to go into El Paso for breakfast. I then found the entrance gate closed and locked. It would have been a miserable night had I been without water.

Nice in the summer.

The desert was pretty hot and I was wishing I'd set up camp near Cloudcroft. After passing white sands I saw the sign and thought, "check it out". Glad I did. Nice windy road climbs up to a great campground with plenty of trees and views of the peaks above and desert below. There is no water in the CG, but its available at the entrance, so take a gallon or two in with you.
I stayed on a Saturday night and it was loud. Kids and dogs.

Nice view of the lake.

I stayed in a primative area near the lake shore. The campground, about 1/2 mile away had tables, toilets and water. Nice place but windy when I was there.

Very nice.

I came up from the south on a motorcycle. Strong wind out of the west. The rock formation blocked the wind then I saw the campground sign. Great place to stay. Drinking water, tables, and fantastic views.