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Great for large groups!!

Awesome campsite for large groups of up to 50 people. In addition to the large pit + grille in the center, there are 4 other campfire pits available for use. The bathrooms are the worst part of this place. 2 vault toilets share one room, which is weird, but the set up is super shotty with an overpowering smell.


We got a campsite that was on the outside of the loop. We were in Cherokee loop in campsite #87. Nestled really high up…and 10 minutes away from Mountain High Mountain Resort, is the large campsite of Table Mountain. The vault toilets were fine, the campfire rings were good to go, and the whole campsite rests on the top of a mountain. We had a great time wandering around taking in the treeline scenery. During the day the insects get a little more aggressive, but it's nothing a little bug spray couldn't fix.

Worth the Trip!

The drive up can be difficult (especially at night) with dirt roads making tight turns; plus the signs get scarce after a certain point. The grounds are pretty well kept. The bathrooms could be a little cleaner. The firepit and grill were all par for the course. My only real complaint was that there were no bear food lockers for nighttime storage. There's signs warning people about bears at night, but you are advised to store food in cars. That kinda sucks since bears don't care at all about scratching your car to get to that food. That said, we never ran into any serious wildlife. BRING BUG SPRAY as the ladybugs and other insects are busy doing their thing, we're just visiting. The creek is gorgeous, and hey, there's some light fishing to be done in the creek as well!

Creekside Relaxation

We stayed in Campsite #70 and all the previous reviews said it was going to be terrible…in truth, this was one of the best campsites I had been to in a long time. An awesome creek runs through the middle of the campsite. The reason people didn't seem to like our site was because of it's proximity to the highway. Didn't bother me too much…motorcycles zoom by maybe once an hour during the day. Nothing too crazy. The bathrooms are well kept and YOU CAN BUY FIREWOOD from the camp hosts!! Campsites come with fire rings, a grill, and a picnic table. Enjoy your time in the woods!!

On the Side of a Mountain...

The hike in camp is only a 1.3 ish mile hike and it was awesome. The campsite is literally on the side of a mountain and you're overlooking the SF Bay (at least the most West part of it)

You check in with the ranger, get your camping permit, then park at the trailhead, and the campsite awaits…Super spacious, gorgeous views, and really nice people await your arrival.

They have charcoal grills and food lockers but we set up a camp stove and prepared some meals for the night. We stupidly left our trash bag outside overnight and some racoons/squirrels opened it up, but that wasn't a buzzkill on a basically perfect trip. This was my first "backpacking" trip so I was nervous that I had forgotten something, but once we got to camp, between the 4 of us we had plenty to have a good time.

You'd have no idea that there was a city nearby

Awesome campsite. We went in January and had no idea about the Monarch Butterflies. About 300 feet from the campsite is a grove of trees where thousands of Monarchs fly and mate. Apparently it's the end of their Northern Migration trail.

Bathrooms were fine. There was running water. Beach is a 2 minute walk (past a tiny creek!) My only complaint was that there were a ton of RVs so you knew when it was morning when you could hear generators starting. People turned them off at night like they were supposed to…great place. Definitely wanna do it again.

Become a Recluse

About 45 minutes drive into Sequoia National Forest, you find yourself at this spacious campsite…and yes, no cell phone service! You're surrounded by forest so there's bear lockers and you'll need some bug spray. The mosquitos like it out there. It's not too bad though. There's running water there. Well kept and the Rangers have a little classroom area where they have Bear Safety talks, trail info, lessons, all for free! The bathrooms were fine.

Do you like beach camping?

I love falling asleep to the ocean.

You're right on the sand. The campfire is in a metal barrel, you have a picnic table and you're on the beach. There's rocks to the left and right that are fun to explore. The plots are deep and noise wasn't really an issue.

Heads up, there's no shade at the beach.

Tucked away between the rocks...


Make a reservation and chill by some rocks…

This place is great. There are tons of campsites and they all are right up against the rocks. Shade is a little hard to come by and it's windy at night, but if you're prepared, you're gonna have a great time. Some campsites are bigger than others, but they're all beautifully unique.