the dyrt
The key to Zion

The blm lands we a great way to camp close to the park but outside of designated camping. It’s centrally located between La Verkin and Zion which makes accessibility great! it’s just flat open planes perfect to set up for the night or pull up an rv for some time. there’s trails out there for bikes and the sunsets are breathtaking!


I’ve been out to this campground on countless years with my family from when I was a young child to now, i think only once or twice did we have to share the grounds with another group! the road in is treacherous and four wheeled vehicles are heavily suggested. There’s is a pristine lake great to paddle out on and great trails to hike out to pools or waterfalls. I believe you need a reservation for the actual site but there’s always areas for thru hiking! Highly recommend if you like camping in lots but still have your own privacy