Camping and Cabins

Myself and 3 friends took a backpacking/camping road trip. We are from Houston to Utah, so Palo Duro was a good halfway point. The views are spectacular, we didn’t have time to do any hiking. All of the hikes don’t seem to be very long, but considering how hot it gets in Texas, maybe this is a good thing. The first camp ground we stayed in was called fortress cliff, I wasn’t super impressed with this camp ground, but don’t be discouraged, because they do have campsites with great views. They were working on the showers during our stay, so we couldn’t shower while we were there. Also we couldn’t find a place to do dishes which was annoying, but that seems to be a hit or miss with a lot of parks. On our way back we stayed in the cow cabins, we were too beat from our trip to set up camp anymore. These historical cabins were sooooo cute with a great view. The amenities were meek at cow cabins, but for $60 bucks split 4 ways it was totally worth it. Note that cow cabin doesn’t have, bathrooms, kitchen, bed linens, it does however have a/c, beds, electricity, small fridge, microwave, table and chairs indoor fire place, outdoor picnic table, outside fire pit/grill ( ask if burn ban is in effect) and outdoor water faucet. We had cabin 4, the ranger told us we had the best cabin out of the cow cabins. We drove past mesquite camp ground and this spot looks super legit, we were very jealous and wished the first night we camped was at this camp ground. Not only are the camp sites more spaced out here, but they are closer to the bathrooms and have great views. The photo is of mesquite camp ground.