Faith S.

Austin, TX

Joined August 2017

Camper, scout, hiker, native to this area.

True central Texas experience.

This park has always been a favorite central texas spot to go to. Weve camped with scouts, camped as a family and camped with friends. A camping staple for us. Great river, view. Made me aware of how serious flash flooding is here. Respect weather warnings!

Great out of the way place. Lots of wildlife

We loved our stay here. So different then any other places in Texas. Had a roadrunner encounter with a baf of fretoes. I will always remember the cool of the evening, the darker dirt of the mountains…hills there in contrast to the heat of the day and that roadrunner!

Not as awesome as it could be.

Where do I start? Hey cool spot. But over crowded. Less the type of folk i want my kids hanging with. The ladder down is super wonky and the beach area extremely slippery. The turnoff is more the folks that come… kind of trashy.. lots of drinking. Definiteltly swim at your own risk. If youre young and not hugely a family person and like to party thos is awesome…. sorry. Dont mean to be negative. Its a great place young stupid people ruined….