Es T.
St Paul, MN
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Cleanest bathhouse we saw in 2 weeks camping trip.

Great, spacious sites. Cicadas will drive you mad (even with earplugs I struggled to sleep but can't do anything about them..just fyi). Cleanest bathhouse..gotta compliment the cleaning crew, but they need fans in them to move the stagnant air.

Washer/dryer worked well. Quiet area. No firewood to purchase (they were out??) and couldn't find any local sellers close by but a walk into the woods enabled us to have a fire.

Rec'd reduced swim passes and the kids enjoyed the pool area.

Nasty campers in NOLA

Was hoping for a better experience but some ppl are just nasty! Someone pooped in the women's shower stall, while others left their poop in the unflushed toilets with the temps near 100…why would anyone do that?. Staff didn't clean the bathrooms for 2 days and between the discussing poop and filthy bathrooms we were disappointed overall. Too bad cuz there aren't alot of campgrounds around.

Only plus:the sites were spacious

Bring ant killer if camping in tents!

The tent sites are walk in only…guess I missed that bit of info when I reserved. The guy at the gate was nice enough to change us from the furthest site to the closest…with 2 kids in tow I definitely didn't want to carry all the our supplies in! Sadly the sites were infested with ants!! They were everywhere..inside everything and we had to toss food that was in containers…just gave us the jitters! Spray killed many of them but we used an entire can and still had ants!

The bath house and washer/dryer were clean.

Ppl were friendly. The lake wss gorgeous

The best thing about camp D are the individual AC bathrooms/showers!

Spacious sites in D. AC bath houses!