Eric C.
Lagunitas, CA
Joined March 2019
A hidden gem just outside SF

Hawk camp is one of my favorite backyard (I live in Marin) camping spots. It's free, it's a 2.2 mile hike in from the car, and even for that, it's remote. I head there when I just feel the need to strap on my pack and break out my gear. Only 3 first-come sites, I prefer the one on the upper left. Fires are not permitted and be warned - Bay Area coastal weather patterns prevail. You can go to sleep staring at the stars and looking out on the lights of the City, only to wake up to a wet camp under a steady drizzle from the condensing fog in the cypress trees above you. I have literally booked a night, gotten close, seen the pea soup fog rolling over the ridge, and turned around for home. But for all that it is a great place to pack in, hike to the top of the ridge for epic sunsets, and feel like you're miles away from the crowds just across the bay.