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Right on the River, Small, Quiet

Right off highway 34, this small campground is a single loop with a ramp down to the Alsea River. The river is perfect for swimming and wading. There are some trees, but the campsites along the river don't seem to have the best hammocking trees, those seem to be along the center or the highway. Firewood is available on site, and there is a market 20 minutes west on 34.

Long drive, beautiful campground

The road approaching the campground is very rough the last hour or so. I would not recommend taking a compact car, though I did see some on the road. The campground is well worth the drive, though, as you drive in and the lake opens up in front of you. It is a secluded, quiet campground with only 17 sites, most of which are relatively secluded. If you drive to the right, the campsites are not directly on the lake, but are large and private. Battle Ax and Twin Lakes hikes are just up the road. I highly recommend Battle Ax for some fantastic views!

Worth the Drive

I always worry when I can't make a campground reservation ahead of time, but showing up on a Friday proved to be no problem. We secured two campsites with friends almost touching the water. Plenty of trees offered great hammocking, and the small lake was great for swimming. The trail looping the lake was a nice quick hike. One downside to this campground is the road driving in, which is bumpy dirt for about an hour. It is not impassable, though, as our friends were able to make the drive in their Prius. The landscape was breathtaking and the lake campground was much cooler in temperature than the surrounding area. The ATVers were not in our area at all. This was a lovely campground that I hope to visit again soon!

A fine campground

This campground is not on the beach. There is a beach nearby that would be a long walk or a short bike ride away. The lighthouse is also a nice attraction. Our campsite offered little privacy and was next to the trash compactor and a generator, which made the stay noisy. Despite that, there was plenty of room to set up our tent and spread out, and we enjoyed our stay.

Surprisingly Private

Looking for a last-minute camping spot on 4th of July weekend, we happened upon one last spot at Honeyman. With the knowledge that the campsites were tightly packed together and that ATV folks love the dunes, we were prepared for a noisy, cramped weekend. Thankfully, we were wrong! Despite the campsites being close together, each one is separated by thick bushes, giving plenty of privacy. The dunes were close, but not close enough to allow the noise of ATVs to ruin anything! A welcome center sells firewood, and there are bathrooms and showers in every loop. Cleawox Lake is within walking distance from most campsites, which was a lovely surprise. Canoes and paddle boats can be rented for only $10/hr, which allowed us time to fish and discover more of the lake.

Between our hammocks, the dunes, and the lake we kept plenty busy and very much enjoyed ourselves. I highly recommend this campground!