Emily C.
Eugene, OR
Joined May 2018
Awesome and cozy

This spot provides an excellent way to stay far enough away from sand to feel like you are not sleeping on the beach, but close enough to splash in the surf.

Well visited beautyi

This place is a lovely place to visit, especially when they are having a special weekend event. These happen year round. I visited at the holidays where they had wreath making, kids crafts, cocoa and more. The hike to the falls can be a little challenging, but it is worth the effort.

Beautiful and serene site for group activities

This group camp is amazing, so you better book it far in advance. I went here on a church camp out. It is the perfect place for families. The older teens loved sleeping in the shelters, while the parents preferred tents. There was plenty to do, and plenty of space to eat or even hide from the rain.