Elyse T.
Denver, CO
Joined August 2018

Indian Gardens is really an oasis as described lots of greenery with a small river running through. Temperatures were a bit cooler here which was a nice escape. Squirrels were the worst here so make sure to stow your food properly!

Simple and easy

Campground was nice and well maintained, there are actually some space between campsites too so people aren’t right on top of each other which is nice.

Could live in the river

Campsites are pretty close together but sit along the side of the river which is amazing in the hott months to soak in. It’s not very deep but amazing. Campsites are crowded but there was a ranger talk which was amazing.

Nice size spots, but very crowded

Campground was nicely kept and comfortably fit 3 tents, but also very crowded and could hear our neighbors on either size all night.