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The campgrounds are quite large, and as it was quite late in the season for camping we had a lot of space to ourselves. The campsites are located close to one another, and there is little tree cover between the sites which could potentially make for a less enjoyable experience at busier times of the year. The bathroom has pretty nice showers, though I would recommend showering in the evening (the water runs quite cold in the morning).

Our site looked out across the water which made for quite a different camping experience than my usual, but it was a beautiful experience that I would greatly recommend. The island really has something to offer for everyone, and the ferry ride over is something worth experiencing for those who don't have the opportunity very often.

The campgrounds are located next to some Glacial grooves which were quite interesting to see, and as the island is not very large, you're not far away from everything else either.

Pretty and centrally located for many popular sites.

We stayed at the campgrounds for two nights while visiting the Black Hills in early August. We stayed for a Friday and Saturday night. The campgrounds are tucked back in the woods which makes for a beautiful morning, though because it's located off a pretty busy road it's probable that it may not be as quiet during more busy seasons of the year. The camp hosts are very kind and helpful and can gladly recommend local sites depending on the visitors interests.

The campgrounds is located about 5 minutes from Mount Rushmore and is a great central point for other popular sites, such as the Black Elk Wilderness, Custer Park or either Wind Cave National Park or Jewel Cave National Monument.

Despite being out in the woods, the campsites are located very close to each other meaning that if you're stuck next to three noisy men, as we were, you're going to hear their entire conversation about car engines and their friend Mike's relationship with his wife.

Popular, but Peaceful

We stayed at this campsite for one night on our way down to Mount Rushmore, it was a Thursday night early September. We picked a site near the back of the camp grounds located near the creek and close to a small parking lot (close by to the pet exercise area on the map - though it's labelled as an ice rink on grounds). From this site, we were close to the bathrooms (which had both toilet stalls and shower stalls) and drinking water. The campground is quite large, with a lot of space for RVs and tent-campers as well. As a primitive camper, we were located quite close to other campers but everyone was respectful and we slept peacefully through the night. Each primitive campsite had a nearby picnic table, that was great for meal times. Being next to the creek was additionally peaceful, as we could hear the water through the night (which I enjoyed, though other sites are far enough away that you don't have to hear the water if you wouldn't want to).

The camp grounds is located close to the DC Booth Hatchery which is an interesting piece of the local history, and provided us with the opportunity to see some Rainbow Trout.

On the way out of the campgrounds, we were presented with an incredible opportunity to see a large bird of prey making off with a large Trout in its talons.

Great for family camping, or for a place to stop for a few nights but not what you're looking for if you're hoping to be out in the back woods.