Elaine G.
Woodstock, GA
Joined April 2018
There is so much to do

This state park has boats to rent,fishing, swimming equestrian camping,cabins ect..They have this large primitive area that we used..It was a bit of a hike to the bathrooms..but everything else was fantastic We loved the historical museum there too

This place is gorgeous

This is a must for our family at least once a year..We love the water.We also love the historical trails that lead to the old civil war mill. it's a great hike .

Some of the prettiest falls in Georgia

Reserve your spot..This place is popular..We love camping and fishing in the mountains of Georgia.We have been comfortable in the primitive area and in the RV area with our tents..My family loves this park..and for those of you who just want to relax and be in luxury..Go to the lodge and watch the incredible sunset.

The campgrounds we're just lovely with plenty of space between spots.

What a sweet surprise to go camping here. We can't wait to go on more trails and explore everything this park has to offer.The fire tower is a vision..To think that young men came and worked and set every stone step you walk on to get to see the tower is an amazing feat of engineering.

Phenomenal Experience..I am reviewing their primitive camp with cabin.

We booked out spot a year in advance to view the beautiful solar eclipse that occurred last year.We gathered our family and about 20 of our friends for a fantastic weekend.It is completely private.There is an outhouse for both genders.There was a cabin with electricity but no water.the spigot is right outside.We had enough space for hammocks,tents,.We were able to let the dogs roam. I honestly loved this camp and I can't wait to go again.Even though it was scorching out.We went two days not realizing it.We had lovely breezes and tree coverage.The top of the mountain was the most incredible place to view the eclipse. The experience was so phenomenal..