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Ranger review: Banner and Oak life straw water bottle at Edna creek campground Idaho. 

Campground review

These campgrounds are pretty nice. They had snow early on in the season and it was pretty chilly when we were there. It's not a bad drive from Boise ID as long as the roads aren’t icy. The bathroom was nice enough as you can see in the pictures, but it is just a pit. It is free at least in the off season no guarantees in season. There is a dumpster, but you can’t use it in the winter. The sites are nice and large enough for a medium size family there is a picnic table and a pole to hold a trash bag or a lantern which is very nice. The fire ring was nice but not very deep because of past fires. We had a nice little creek running right near our site. The campground was not very busy so we had no trouble getting a spot and if it had been full there were other places we could have gone with no trouble.

 Product review 

As a Ranger for The Dyrt, I get products to test from time to time. Today, I am testing the Life Straw Water Bottle as sold on Banner and Oak. Lifestraw Water Bottle at Banner and Oak. The water bottle is very nice looking. It does exactly as stated on the Banner and Oak site. You just fill the water bottle with flowing water. Screw the cap on and then drink the water through the straw. It does need a little more suction power to pull the water through the filter, which is noticeable but, not a big problem. Fair warning the water did taste different than tap water, but I think this is to be expected with any filter. One really cool thing about this water bottle is that for every bottle purchased they give clean water to a school child in Africa for a whole year. This is a huge bonus! This bottle is ideal for camping and hiking adventures. It is also, a good emergency essential.

Second annual

Liked it enough to come back. Had a huge group and multiple dogs in the group site. Very clean camp area. Extremely reasonable prices. Bathrooms are really dirty. Water for drinking is available just a short walk or really short drive. Nice fire pits. Close to water for playing in. There are some towns nearby. Would recommend just use the woods whenever possible.

Cool place

We have a large group of 24 in 1 group site and we had plenty of space. They charged per person which came as a great surprise. They have a pool a hot tub and a park. They have a store with ice and wood for sale. It is plenty close to the park. The bathrooms near the pool are what you would expect at a pool. There are some nice bathrooms right next to the store. These are cleaned an hour a day. The rv sites are extremely close together. The fire pits are small for the rvs but very nice for the campers. I have no complaints about the people around including employees. We did have a skunk visit us in the night. Just don’t plan on spending much time at camp instead of on the trails. Did

Large spots

Nice and secluded we fit lots of people here had water.

Nice lake

Very short hike nice camping. A very cold lake bring water or filter.

Lots of trees

There is a lot of space in each camp. Not much land in between each camp so be courteous. Good drinking water. A fairly dirty pit bathroom. I’m pretty sure it’s pet friendly. You can walk to the reservoir. The beach is very rocky.

Cool rocks

I have camped here a couple of times here it is very windy and can be cold. The most recent time I went there was a huge storm. Nice camp sites some are secluded whilst others are a little to close for comfort. There is some nice rock climbing.

Very nice

Very large space. We fit a lot people there(only one tent) we were able to wake up and get on the trail and hike up to the glacier and camp we then hiked to the end the next day and hiked out.

Very beautiful

Very cool canyon and river. Even though it may be hot outside it will always be cold in the shade.

Good for big groups

I have had multiple large family reunions in this area and all of them have successful and enjoyed by everyone young and old.

Nice free hot springs

Very cheap. Bring your own firewood. You could easily get multiple sites for big groups. A short hike for the smaller hot springs. You follow the same path to the better springs but it gets slightly difficult at the very end.

Hard to hike to in snow

Nice and clean. Easy to warm up. Some games lots of beds. Firewood included in purchase of renting. One time I went I miss read the reservation date and got kicked out by another group. So we had to hike down in a snow storm. It was still fun.

Very crowded

There are a lot of people camping here. All of the sites are very close it can be a bit of inconvenience but I have had no real problem. It has very nice bathrooms and showers. It is very close to the lake. I drove to the north side of the lake so that I could bring my dog. It is fairly priced.

Really hot

Some very nice camp sites but it is actually like your in a desert. It gets very cold at night and hot and dry during the day. The hike up to the top of the big one was hard but very rewarding.